Pool Net vs Pool Fence: Find the Safest Option

Pool net and pool fence

Any time a family has a swimming pool in their yard, safety becomes a very important issue. How do you keep the smallest family members from toddling over the edge? Or how do you keep the family pooch out of the water following a strong chemical shock? Even homes without children or pets can be at risk of liability if their pool is uncovered.

Families typically turn to one of two safety options: swimming pool safety fences and swimming pool safety nets.

Both of these safety solutions are simple, easy to use, and (when used properly) very effective at keeping your loved ones safe. But which one is better? Let’s take a look at pool nets vs. pool fences so you can determine which safety tool is best for your pool and your family.

About Pool Nets

A pool safety net is a large, slightly elastic net that spans the entire surface of your pool, creating a barrier just above the water. Most nets are made from durable polyethylene netting and secured to the pool deck with anchors drilled into the pool deck. This safety solution is fairly easy to install and remove, and the sturdy material makes it an incredibly safe option.

The question of pool nets vs. pool fences often comes down to how your family uses and enjoys your pool. For example, many families who use pool nets simply want an unobstructed view of their swimming area. A net will keep your loved ones safely on dry land without putting a large fence in the yard. Additionally, most pool net companies can easily make custom nets to suit pools of any size or shape.

Pool Nets: The Pros

There are many safety benefits to having a safety net on your swimming pool. Firstly, they are very effective; for example, All-Safe’s pool nets have been independently tested to hold up to 485 pounds! These nets will stay firmly in place even if someone accidentally falls onto them, which means you can feel confident that your loved ones will be safe when they’re near the pool.

Additionally, pool nets are a somewhat low-cost safety solution — which is great for families on a budget. Most dealers will charge the same amount or slightly less to install a pool net vs. a pool fence, depending on the size of the fence, and that can make all the difference for some folks. Pool nets on simple pool shapes are relatively easy to put on and remove, which can be very useful if you’re a family that’s always on the go. You can put the net on the pool in just a few minutes and head out the door!

Pool Nets: The Cons

It may seem like a pool net is the perfect safety tool. Durable, cheap, easy to use — what could possibly go wrong? However, pool nets suffer from the same flaw as many other pool safety solutions: they need to be used properly to be effective. There is a slight learning curve when you first start using a pool safety net, and if you don’t master the installation process, it can take longer than you expected to secure the pool.

About Pool Fences

Some families don’t want to bother removing safety nets every time they want to swim and putting them back on when they’re done. For these folks, there’s a simple answer to the pool net vs. pool fence debate: install a fence! Pool fences completely close off the pool to unwanted visitors, keeping your kids and pets away from the water’s edge when you’re not around.

The panels of mesh pool fencing are climb-resistant (to deter even the most determined children), while the transparent mesh offers you a clear view of the water, even when you’re outside the fence! These fences can be custom-made to accommodate any pool shape, and they are beautiful enough to enhance the overall look of your yard.

Pool Fences: The Pros

Pool fencing is a very effective safety tool. After all, if your loved ones can’t get near the water, they can’t fall in! Mesh pool safety fences by All-Safe are specially designed to meet ASTM safety standards, so you can be sure that they will provide the safety you are looking for.

Another feature of mesh fencing is that it’s removable! You can remove your pool fence to make more room on your pool deck, and then replace it when you’re finished. This is great for events like pool parties.

Pool Fences: The Cons

A pool fence is a great way to keep little ones away from the pool’s edge. But once again, it must be used properly. If you forget to latch the gate, the fence is not safe— and if your loved ones do manage to breach the fence (by going through the open gate or by somehow scaling the fence), there’s nothing between them and the water.

Pool Nets vs. Pool Fences: Which is Best?

The truth is that both these choices are great options: they’re durable, secure, cost-effective, and very safe (provided you use them properly). The best choice depends entirely on your backyard layout and how you and your family use your pool.

Don’t want to close off the pool area? Use a net. Want to keep the pool fully off-limits? Install a fence. Want a little extra security? Use both safety solutions for an extra safe pool!

What you decide to use, All-Safe is here to help you get the very best pool safety products the industry has to offer. Get in touch with a local All-Safe pool fence & net dealer today, and we’ll get you started with a free quote!

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