Inground Pool Safety Covers

ingroup pool safety cover
ingroup pool safety cover

On a warm sunny day, there is almost nothing better than spending time outdoors with family and friends. But when it is time to go inside and nobody is watching the pool, it is crucial to make sure that there are no slips or falls into the deep end — and that’s where inground pool safety covers come in.

Having a layer of protection over the water when there are no adults around helps to keep children and pets safe from injury or drowning when one is looking. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has found that every day, 10 people die from an accidental drowning, two of which are children 14 years old or younger. All-Safe has specially designed inground swimming pool covers to prevent your family from facing that situation.

Custom Covers that Fit Your Home

Each All-Safe cover is made to fit your pool exactly. Our trained professionals come to you to measure every angle and the layout so that we can create custom inground pool covers that will not leave unexpected gaps or hazards along your pool. Investing in a cover designed for your pool also prevents debris from entering and causing maintenance issues. Most importantly, it means that you can rest easy knowing you have reliable and durable protection for years to come.

Automatic Pool Covers

One of the easiest inground pool safety covers to use is an automatic cover. At the turn of a key, this cover is able to extend over the entire length of your pool, making it simpler than ever to secure the pool area as soon as you are done spending time in and around the pool area. Automatic covers are sturdy enough to walk on, help seal the pool from debris and slips, and help maintain the pool’s temperature and water levels.

These covers are specially designed to exceed the top pool safety standards. They are also manufactured to be resistant to shrinking, wrinkling, and algae growth, as well as any kind of harm or deterioration from pool chemicals and the sun. If you are worried about dealing with water loss through evaporation, the automatic covers ensure that you have to spend significantly less time maintaining your pool’s levels so you can spend more time enjoying the water, and less time working on it.

Mesh Covers

If your pool has a more unique shape or multiple levels, mesh covers might be the best inground swimming pool covers for you. They can be taken on and off in just a few minutes and are tightly secured to anchors placed every few inches around your pool. Made with tightly woven mesh material, these covers are safe to walk on if needed. The only thing that is able to get through the cover is rain so that there is no water accumulation on top of your pool.

If you have multiple levels to your pool area, we can custom design different pieces to fit every part that has exposed water. Similar to automatic covers, the mesh covers also help reduce evaporation and ensure that your pool water stays warm so you can always make the most out of your time outside.

Leaf Covers

These custom inground swimming pool covers are the best choice if your primary need is to keep debris out of your pool. Leaf covers are lightweight and make sure that plants, small animals, seeds, and any other debris stays out of your pool water. It is important to note, however, that leaf covers alone do not support as much weight as mesh covers or automatic pool covers. If you are looking to make sure nobody accidentally slips and drowns in the pool, we highly recommend getting a pool safety net to install underneath the cover that is able to withstand several hundred pounds of weight.

Similar to mesh covers, leaf covers are anchored to pool deck attachments that are installed around your pool. If you choose to get a pool safety net as well, it is placed in the same fashion, directly underneath the cover. Getting both the leaf cover and the safety net on and off your pool can be done quickly so that you can enjoy the pool in no time.

Find the Right Solution for You

Getting the right inground safety pool cover is an important decision. Whether you prefer a quick and easy solution that allows you to use a key to open and close the pool, or are mainly concerned with keeping debris out of the water, your local All-Safe reseller can help you find the right solution.

To get started on your new inground swimming pool cover, contact your local All-Safe reseller today. They will set up a time to conduct a free onsite consultation to help you find the best way to protect your family.

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