Is Pool Water Safe from Coronavirus?


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The novel coronavirus has many people asking questions about safety and how to stay healthy. With many cities, states, and even countries under “shelter-in-place” or lockdown ordinances starting in March 2020, the risks may still be present for years to come.

At All-Safe, we want your family to be as healthy and safe as possible. So, if you have a pool and are wondering if your pool water is safe from coronavirus, we’ve got good news.

COVID-19 and Pool Water

CDC research so far suggests that chlorine and bromine, two common chemicals used in pool maintenance, will kill the virus. Because coronavirus is mainly a respiratory virus, water has not yet been shown to transmit it, and these chemicals help ensure it does not survive in your pool’s water.

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It’s essential for you and your family, especially if you potentially come into contact with a person who’s infected, to maintain proper pool maintenance. Check the chemical balance of your pool water frequently to make sure it’s at the right levels. You should also practice the precautions below to help keep coronavirus out of your pool water.

Be Extra Careful Around the Pool Area

Just because properly maintained pool water kills COVID-19 doesn’t mean you should relax completely. It’s best to regularly disinfect the surfaces around your pool.

Wipe down lounge chairs and other furniture, the handle to your pool fence, the doorknobs into and out of your home, and the tools used to retract and replace your pool net. Disinfecting any surface that’s frequently touched or used when swimming can help keep your family healthy and prevent coronavirus in pool water or nearby surfaces.

Tips to Keep Your Home Healthy

Especially if you or someone you regularly have contact with is at risk, it’s vital to keep your home as clean and sanitized as possible.

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Ensure every member of your family washes their hands immediately upon re-entering your home, and avoid touching other surfaces until you do. Regularly disinfect frequently touched items like doorknobs, light switches, drawer handles, etc. Cough into your elbow or a tissue and immediately wash your hands again afterward.

Stash hand sanitizer around your home, office, and car for regular use, especially when re-entering these places after being out and about. Such simple cleaning measures can help keep your home — and pool water — coronavirus-free.

All-Safe Wishes Your Family Health

All-Safe is a company that was founded to save the lives of children. We care deeply about the health and safety of your entire family. For advice on how to keep your pool as safe as it can be, we welcome you to contact an All-Safe Dealer.

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