How Much Does A Pool Net Cost?

Drowning Protection for Children

How Much Does A Pool Net Cost ?

Pools offer great enjoyment to homeowners and their families. While a dip in your pool can be an ideal way to unwind after a long day’s work, you also need to bear in mind the safety of the pool. Your pool’s safety is of utmost importance, especially in case you have children. While planning to add a safety accessory to your pool, there are questions that would weigh on your mind. Let’s look at a definitive guide to pool nets, their costs, and why it is a wise move to incorporate them into your swimming pool.

What is a pool net and how much does a pool net cost?

Besides pool fences, pool safety nets are among the most sought safety barriers to a pool. Most pool nets feature anchors on the edge to keep them in place. They also incorporate a central tension system (CTS) that keeps the nets taut. Additional aspects may be built into the nets to prevent tangling. For instance, All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers’ Titan Tool enhances the system’s tension while keeping the net untangled.

Pool nets cost are less than you think.
Pool safety nets are the second most common product purchased for pool safety.

By covering the pool’s surface, a pool net eliminates the risk of children falling into the pool. Pool nets feature 3.5-inch openings that inhibit mobility on them without negating the child’s safety and prevents a child from falling into the pool.

Why is a pool net recommended?

The lightweight nature of pool nets makes them a convenient resource for a pool. Taking off the net is a breeze and so is the process of putting it back onto the pool’s surface. Likewise, the net can be used on a pool or spa, regardless of its shape. Pool nets are also suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools. As such, the nets’ ease of use and versatility make them suitable for the safety requirements of any pool.

In spite of being light, a pool net is very strong. Most ASTM-compliant nets feature a sturdy build and have been tested to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. Compliance implies that a net can comfortably hold up to 485 lbs. This rating provides a guarantee for your child’s safety. You can therefore rely on a pool net to keep your pool area secure.

How much does a pool net cost?

Various aspects determine the cost of a pool net. For instance, a large-sized pool may require a matching pool net, which would be more costly as compared to a small pool. Similarly, the styling of the net, and other specific aspects such as where the anchors are to be attached affect the overall cost of the pool net. Generally pool nets for spas (which are smaller than a pool) would cost between $600 and $1,000 and a pool net for an in-ground pool would average $1,500-$2,500, which includes installation and materials.

How can you purchase a pool net?

All you need is to contact a local All-Safe dealer by filling out an estimate form. The dealer will then provide you with an estimate based on the nature of your pool or its size. The dealer will also factor in your customization requirements such as color and the spacing of anchors to provide the best fit.

By investing in a pool net, your child’s safety is assured. To avert any qualms regarding the quality of the net, invest in industry-standard pool nets from a firm like All-Safe. That way, the longevity of service from your pool net would be guaranteed.

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