Different Types of Pool Safety Fence Installation



Pool Safety Fence Installation

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Pool Safety Fence Installation

Different Types of Pool Safety Fence Installation

When it comes to adding any safety structure around pools, most homeowners are concerned about ruining the looks of their home’s aesthetics. However, pool safety fence installation is something that is more important than your home’s looks. Besides, there are different types of fences available that ideally blend in or complement your home’s elegance.

Types of Pool Fence

Pool fences are mostly differentiated in terms of the materials they are made from. The commonly available materials are:

  • Glass
  • Mesh
  • Aluminium tube
  • Wood
  • Steel

Ornamental Pool Fences

Then there are ornamental pool safety fence installation which are available in different materials. They can be as high as 6 feet. However, the shorter 4 feet fence are often preferred because they offer easier views and airflow. On the other hand, 6 feet high designs are more suitable when it comes to bringing out more decorative looks. Besides, they also enhance the perimeter safety around the pool.

Ornamental fences have lightweight gates, which helps in minimizing the wear and tear on the hardware.

Mesh Pool Fences

Mesh pool safety fence installation are the perfect options if you want to party in the backyard. It can also be removed when your children get old enough. These types of fences were originally designed to be used in commercial spas and pools for preventing children from entering the pool area. They are designed in a way to make it impossible for kids to climb, crawl under or open the fence.

Glass Pool Fences

This is the most widely used and most sought after type of pool safety fence installation. There are many reasons why it is so popular. It is one of the most elegant types of pool fencing. It gives a modern look to your pool. Another advantage is that glass pool fences help in giving an impression of more space in your backyard or around the pool. Besides, the material will not interfere with your view. You will not feel enclosed inside walls and will also be able to see those on both sides of the fence.

Glass is also easier and cheaper to maintain. Metal fences can rust and need special care and coating. Similarly, wooden pool fences are capable of rotting because of the moisture around them. They may also need professional care once in a while. Glass can also withstand the weather conditions without any adverse effects on it.

Partially Framed Pool Fencing

When you choose glass pool safety fence installation, you will find both framed and frameless fencing. Then there are partially framed glass fences. They are also more affordable.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials, pool safety fence installation is also available in vinyl and chain link. You can add privacy slat inserts for privacy. Wooden fences are considered the most cost-effective options for making your pool area private. You can use vinyl if you want privacy and more number of decorative options. It is available in various designs and colors.

Pool Safety Fence Installation


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