A Guide to Creating a Safer Pool Area With A Pool Safety Fence



Pool safety fence

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Pool safety fence

A Guide to Creating a Safer Pool Area With A Pool Safety Fence

There can be nothing more pleasing and relaxing than a dip in a pool on a hot day. But you don’t want to enjoy a pool in any way if it doesn’t have a Pool Safety Fence. When you install a fence around your pool, it works as a highly effective method to make your swimming pool a safe place for everyone. The following guide emphasizes on the importance of such a fence in any home and how you can enhance the overall safety.

Never Compromise on Safety

The need for pool safety has become so common that governments have laid down regulations related to it. Your local and state law will also have some of these requirements related to Pool Safety fence:

  • The fence should be fixed in a way that children cannot climb over it.
  • Avoid installing a pet door in your pool’s fence because it can be used by children too.
  • It will be best to install door alarms so that you are alerted every time anyone accesses the pool area.

A Pool Safety fence is first and foremost meant to add to the pool area’s safety. Aesthetics should be a secondary concern.

Additional Requirements by Law

Many jurisdictions will have codes that further lay down standards for Pool Safety fence:

  • A pool fence should not be less than 4 feet in height.
  • Make sure that the doors and gates are self-closing and self-latching. The lock should not be accessible by children.
  • The fence should not have any pattern or design that allows a child to climb over or get under. There should be no gap between different units of the fence to allow anyone to get through.

Even when your Pool Safety fence is fixed, you should check the fencing, latches, posts, and the alarms regularly to ensure they are in good condition.

Before you choose your Pool Safety fence, make sure to check with your local government agency that lays down swimming pool and building codes. Also visit their website. It is not just a place to check the regulations, their website can also provide you valuable tips on handling emergency situations involving swimming pool and water.

Additional Tips for Pool Safety

Installing a Pool Safety fence is one of the most crucial steps to ensure a safer pool. There are many other steps you should be taking to protect children, pets and people around your swimming pool.

Some of these steps can include the following:

  • Make sure to have rescue equipment readily available within the pool area. It should be easily accessible and well maintained.
  • The pool must also be protected with a rigid pool cover that protects anyone who falls over.
  • It will be worth installing an underwater motion alarm too.

You can never be sure as to how and when a pool accident may occur despite your best efforts. So you should not only install a Pool Safety fence, but take all possible steps to make your pool a highly safe area for everyone.

Pool safety fence

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