The Best Winter Pool Cover To Protect Your Investment

The best winter pool cover for inground pools needs to protect more than just your pool. Whether temperatures in your area drop below freezing or they just get cold enough that you need to close the pool for the winter, a good cover is a must-have for any responsible pool owner. Since when it’s closed, many people pay less attention to their pool, the winter months can carry increased risk. You’re less likely to spot problems early on, meaning prevention is key, and a winter safety pool cover offers some of the best protection out there. 

Off-Season Threats To Your Pool

When you’re considering the best winter pool cover for inground pools, it helps to understand what it will be up against. While these are considerations year-round, during the winter months, you’ll need to pay special attention to how the seasonal climate affects your backyard retreat.

  • Algae Growth – Especially in warmer climates, algae bloom can set in over an extended closure. Many owners will turn off their pool pump, leading to stagnation, but even with it on, the lack of use means less activity and a greater chance for algae to form unnoticed. If the algae growth gets bad enough, it can lead to costly repair and remediation before your pool and its equipment is usable again.
  • Bacterial Proliferation – Likewise, owners may not keep as close an eye on their pool’s chemistry when it’s not in use.  While proper pool closing for the winter will see the levels adjusted, over time gas exchange can occur, skewing your Alkalinity, pH, and hardness into areas that allow for bacteria to grow, potentially causing a health hazard when it’s time to reopen the pool.
  • Frost Damage – Freezing temperatures can damage your pool lines, liner, and other features. Worse, some of these problems may not be noticed right away, leading to further damage that goes beyond the surface to seepage into and through the pool walls themselves. 
  • Accidental Drowning – Unfortunately, even when a pool is not in use, it can present a danger to unwary animals, children, and adults. An unsecured pool is always a danger, even when it’s not swimming season.

Top-Of-The-Line Protection

A green mesh winter pool cover installed on a swimming pool

A winter safety pool cover is the best winter pool cover to protect your property, family, friends, and pets through the colder months. Custom-fit to your pool, this tight cover is anchored by springs and straps to your deck. Made of a durable, UV-resistant polypropylene mesh that inhibits mildew and damage from chlorine, the fabric offers a physical barrier to the water that also helps seal in heat when the temperatures reach their lowest. When you’re looking for a winter cover to close your inground pool, there is not a better choice on the market.

How A Winter Safety Pool Cover Protects Your Pool

  • Insulates Your Pool – As sunlight hits the pool cover, it warms it, helping keep the water under the cover warmer. In addition, the air pocket under your cover can offer some insulation, but ensure your pool’s water is only lowered a maximum of 18-inches below the deck, otherwise, it may sag.
  • Prevents Debris And Contaminants – Part of what makes this the best pool cover for winter is that it prevents debris, like leaves, sticks, and trash from entering the water. With the use of a pool cover pump, you can also ensure that potentially contaminated snow or roof runoff from melt doesn’t introduce spores or bacteria by using a pool cover pump to clear the cover of collected water. 
  • Encourages Equilibrium Over An Extended Period – Because your winter pool cover helps insulate and protect your water’s surface, it is also one of the best winter pool covers for maintaining chemical balance. By protecting your pool from outside influences and lessening evaporation, the mesh cover better maintains the alkalinity, pH, and hardness you adjusted it to when you closed the pool for safer pool water all winter long.
  • Helps Stop Drowning Injuries – Pets and children are curious and may not understand why they suddenly aren’t supposed to use the pool they loved through the summer and autumn heat. During holiday parties, adults with compromised judgement may decide that your backyard pool still could be a great place for a swim. A winter pool safety cover helps prevent unsupervised access to the pool. Affixed by strong straps and springs, it is not easy to remove, and the mesh material can hold the weight of a full-grown adult, giving you time to help a potential drowning victim to the edge of the pool and safety.

Getting The Best Winter Cover For Your Pool

irregular shaped swimming pool with winter pool cover installed

Learning more about your winter pool cover options for an inground pool is easy and free. It starts with contacting your local All-Safe pool installer to schedule a visit. They’ll come out, inspect your pool area, take measurements, and talk to you about your pool safety needs. Then they can offer a no-cost, no-obligation estimate that gives you actionable information so you can decide for yourself if this is the best winter pool cover for you and your family.

Find out just how reasonable peace of mind can be as you head into the winter months. A professionally installed winter safety cover offers the best possible protection for your investment in your property and the safety of your pets, friends, and family. Call and schedule your appointment with an All-Safe Pool safety professional today.

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