DIY Pool Fence – Is It Really Worth It?

DIY pool fence installed

A DIY pool fence can seem like an easy way to save a few dollars. A modern removable swimming pool safety fence makes DIY pool fence installation seem easy. After all, since it’s designed to be taken down and put back up whenever needed, the initial installation couldn’t be too complex, could it? While it is absolutely possible to install a safe and secure pool fence without the help of a professional installer, the cost–monetarily and otherwise–might be higher than you would like, and even if you do manage to save a few dollars, is it worth it?

Removable Pool Safety Fencing – The Game Changer

In the past, DIY pool fencing was much the same as any other fencing. You chose whether you wanted a high-maintenance wood fence you could build yourself, an easily climbable chain link fence that often took a professional to properly stretch, or an expensive and complicated glass, stone, or wrought iron fence that needed a professional to erect or service. Removable pool fencing is so attractive as a DIY pool fence because it is budget-friendly, easy to use when installed, and durable. 

professionally installed pool safety fence
Professionally installed pool safety fence

Strong poles are anchored into holes drilled in your deck or sleeves embedded in the ground around your pool. This provides a solid foundation that stretches an ultra mesh fabric taught. When tensioned, this provides no hand or footholds to aid climbing while keeping the lower edge of the fence tight to prevent children or pets from pushing under the fence. Gaps are minimized, and the fence is secured by a self-closing, self-latching gate. The end result is a physical barrier that prevents entry to your pool area without supervision, actively helping to prevent drowning injuries. For activities that need more space, such as a pool party, the entire fence can be taken down, rolled up, and stored until the festivities are over.

Why DIY May Not Be The Best Choice

Easy use once installed does not mean that DIY pool fence installation is always an easy or straightforward process. Remember, professional installers have training and experience centered around installing hundreds, if not thousands, of these fences–that’s a level of proficiency a single DIY pool fence project just can’t match. Here are some of the major concerns you may run into trying to save a few dollars.

Code Confusion

Protecting your pool with a fence is more than a good idea in many places, it’s a requirement under the law, to stay in compliance with your homeowners association bylaws, or a requirement for coverage by your insurance carrier. These entities all impose a minimum set of standards for pool safety. When building a pool fence, you need to be aware of these mandates, which can often overlap and cause confusion. If your DIY pool fence doesn’t meet the pool fence codes, you could be in for hefty fines as well as increased liability.

Imaginary Cost Savings

One of the main reasons pool owners cite for DIY fence installation is to save money. Assuming you choose the same high-quality safety material a professional would recommend to protect your family, the savings you’re counting on are from not paying someone else for labor. A professional installer, however, orders their supplies in larger quantities and at a higher frequency, often giving them the opportunity for reduced material costs. In many cases, the increased materials cost heavily offset the labor savings.

Quality Takes Time, Mistakes Take Twice The Time

Some owners worry they’ll have to wait too long for a contractor to get their fence installed. While a busy professional certainly has to schedule clients in advance to make sure everyone gets a safe fence according to their service needs and order, your local installer works to minimize waits because they want to see their neighbors protected by the best pool fence possible. Due to experience, they often can install a quality fence in less time than a one-time DIY pool fence project will take and there’s less likelihood of a mistake that can cost additional time and money in repairs and adjustments. 

Tools And Experience

A tight, secure removable pool fence takes the right measurements and tools to build. Most household tool kits that are made for hanging pictures or swapping a faucet won’t be filled out for the task. Even with the right tools, you have to understand how to use them to create a fence that is stretched to the right tension, anchored securely, and has the right amount of height compared not only to the ground but also any surrounding structures, fixtures, and terrain. If you run into any complications, you may not have the experience to know the safest, most appropriate way to move forward.

Peace Of Mind Matters

While a DIY pool fence can provide some satisfaction that you built something with your own two hands, it also comes with the knowledge that if something isn’t up to par, it falls on you. A licensed, bonded, and insured contractor stands behind their work and makes it right if something is amiss. There’s also the potential for worry that can seep in. Did I sink the anchor holes deep enough? Is it state compliant? Could I have done more to make a safe pool area for my friends, family, and pets? A professional can remove these questions by giving you a fence built on the latest safety research, with top materials, and with technique backed by experience. 

toddler standing against installed pool safety fence
Toddler standing against installed pool safety fence

Pool Safety Professionals

Many pool owners who consider DIY pool fence installation decide that the headaches just aren’t worth the meager potential savings tackling a major product themselves will cost. Even if you’re on the fence about tackling the job, it costs nothing to find out how budget-friendly professional installation by your local All-Safe pro can be. We’ll help you find an installer in your community who is passionate about pool safety to schedule a quote.

Your installer will set up a time to take the required measurements, talk to you about your pool area’s needs, and what you’re looking for in safety and aesthetics. Your local professional is experienced in working with the jurisdictional requirements and the standards customary in the area for third parties, like HOAs. They’ll help you understand your fencing requirements and options as well as how swimming pool safety covers or nets might make your pool area even safer. Finally, you’ll get an actionable estimate that gives you the information you need for an informed decision.

Start Creating A Safer Pool Area Today

You were considering a DIY pool fence, so you know you need a safer pool area. Get started now. Request a no-cost, no-obligation quote from your local All-safe Pool Installation professional today.

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