Why Pool Safety Is Important Now More Than Ever

Child looking through Mesh Pool Fence with Beach Ball

2020 undoubtedly handed all of us unexpected surprises. Working from home, virtual schooling, and quarantining were things that adults & kids alike were not anticipating becoming the ‘new normal’, but indeed, they have. Because families are spending more time at home and in the backyard, All-Safe is here to provide you with our top pool safety equipment choices, and detail a few important pool safety tips to keep in mind during this season.

Having the proper pool safety equipment in place is important now more than ever because with children home all day, the possibility of accidents is heightened. In some households, parents are still required to leave home for work, or if they are working from home, still have to focus on their work tasks, so children do not typically have direct supervision all day.

Pools Safe From Covid

Not only do we want to protect children from the traditional backyard pool safety hazards, we also know how important it is to follow CDC guidelines to keep all family members safe from Coronavirus. There are safety steps we can take on a daily basis to help stop the spread of this vicious disease, like social distancing, wearing a mask, regularly washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces around us. 

Fortunately, according to the CDC, swimming pools have not been shown to spread Covid-19 through the water. With proper cleaning and maintenance, the water is disinfected and virtually kills the virus. Free chlorine is recommended, which can kill virus bacteria within minutes, in combination with proper pH balance. One of our top pool safety tips during this pandemic is to regularly check your chlorine & pH levels to ensure safety.

We still recommend following best practices, even while in the pool to avoid any risk of spreading the virus. Do not go swimming if you’ve been feeling ill, cover your nose if you sneeze & your mouth if you cough, and try to keep your distance when possible.

Our Top Pool Safety Tips

In addition to keeping your family safe from Covid, there are a few standard pool safety tips that are important to keep in mind as we head into the summer months.

  • Swimming lessons are a must! If you own a pool and have a child, it is an absolute necessity for your children to attend swimming lessons early on. Even if you don’t own a pool yourself, swimming lessons are a great opportunity to ensure your child is safe whether they’re at a friends house, at the beach, or even a community pool.
  • Talk to your family – Make sure they understand how important it is to be cautious and alert around the swimming pool. They should know that accidents are possible, and they should be equipped with the tools necessary to prevent possible accidents. The water can be dangerous so it’s best to be informed.
  • Make sure there’s adult supervision if the kids are outside. If you’re working from home, perhaps try to plan a short break midday for yourself and the kids. Join them in their outside time so they can get their energy out, and you can have peace of mind knowing that they’re safely supervised.
  • Have a pool safety professional come out at the start of swim season. Let them review the safety and efficiency of the equipment you have in place, or let them recommend what pool safety equipment would be best for you. If you’ve owned your pool and any sort of safety objects for a while, it’s good to have an expert take a look to ensure you’re in good (and safe) shape!
  • Make sure everyone is aware of an emergency plan! While some may think this is unnecessary, in a time of panic or stress this is crucial to have. Make sure your children know what to do if you’re not present, and how to stay calm in reacting to any unforeseen circumstances.

Accidents Can Happen: Trust All-Safe

Mesh pool Fence around a brick decked pool

While every parent goes above and beyond to ensure their home environment is as safe as possible for their children, accidents unfortunately can happen, especially in the backyard. In fact, drowning is the leading cause of injury death in children ages 1-14. While we highly recommend swimming lessons early on, we must emphasize how important pool safety  equipment, like a pool fence, is as an extra precaution for your family.

All-Safe offers pool fences that are ASTM certified to meet the highest safety standards, made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and are customized for your pool specifically. Our products are easy for adults to set up and remove, yet they are tension-based, deterring children from trying to move or climb on them. Although there is no greater accident prevention than adult supervision, our pool safety fences are an added reassurance that we recommend for all families with backyard pools.

Depending on your needs and your budget, our professional team of pool experts can assist. Just complete the form to get your free inspection & quote scheduled, and a local installer will come to your home to analyze your backyard setup and discuss pool safety equipment that would suit your needs best.

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