4 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Invest In Pool Covers

4 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Invest In Pool Covers

Pools account for a significant portion of a home’s water use. Yet, they account for a significant amount of water loss. In a state like California, the need to conserve water becomes more pronounced during summer, when drought conditions affect the availability of water. Numerous other aspects could impair the enjoyment of your pool and necessitate using a pool cover. Here are four indications that homeowners should invest in pool covers.

1. Pool Water Loss

Your pool’s water loss is becoming a pressing concern. Pools lose a lot of water due to evaporation and especially during the drier months when the sun’s heat increases water loss. If you are constantly making up for water losses due to evaporation, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in a pool cover. Considering the millions of water gallons lost by pools, pool owners need to take proactive steps to minimize resource wastage.

Pool Cover for Saving Water
Pool Covers can help reduce water loss and thus saving you money.

2. Expensive Maintenance Costs For Your Pool

You are spending a lot of money to maintain your pool. The failure to install a pool cover means that you will be in a continual battle against the elements, which you will inevitably keep losing. Consider the replacement costs of water that keeps evaporating every day from your pool. Additionally, since the pool’s temperature cannot be maintained at an optimal level, you have to keep heating the pool every time you need to use it. Every time the water evaporates so do your pool chemicals, which means additional costs to replace them. Fundamentally, pool owners should consider investing in pool covers as a cost-saving feature.

3. Pool Safety Concern

You are constantly worried about the safety of your pool when it’s not in use. An uncovered pool can be a hazard to children who may attempt to use it without your supervision. Pool covers are strong and safe components that allay many pool owners’ concerns. In fact, an ASTM compliant cover can hold up the 485 lbs without collapsing, thereby making it a reliable resource for your pool’s safety. Likewise, a pool cover eliminates the unauthorized use of your pool. Therefore, you can be assured that your kids would be safe during times of limited pool use.

4. Potential Damages To Your Pool

Your pool requires continual cleaning and maintenance. If your pool is situated close to trees the wind may blow leaves into your pool, making it an eyesore. An uncovered pool is likely to accumulate dust or pebbles, which can block the pool’s drainage system. This would impair the efficacy of the pool and the costs of repairing a damaged system due to dirt can be quite expensive. An investment in a pool cover would be a smart approach to averting these concerns.

You can invest in a variety of pool covers to keep your pool safe and clean. These include mesh pool covers, automatic pool covers, leaf covers, and hard pool covers; they are also available at different price points. Depending on your budget and pool’s needs, you can choose a suitable pool cover. By installing a cover, you can also keep your pool maintenance costs to a minimum, reduce cleaning time, and conserve water. As a result, you would get greater enjoyment from your pool.

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