Keep Your Pool Safe With A Pool Fence

backyard swimming pool with a black mesh pool fence surrounding it

Pool safety begins before your first laps in a new pool or the first pool party of the summer. The pool fencing options you choose play a big role in protecting your friends, family, and pets from tragedy while also protecting you from additional liability caused by an unsecured pool area. Pool safety fencing is purpose-built to help prevent accidental drownings by providing a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized or unsupervised use of your swimming pool. In conjunction with pool safety covers, it’s one of the best ways to do your part to prevent an unintentional drowning.

Why a Regular Fence Doesn’t Cut It For Pool Safety

You have more options for securing your pool than just a standard chain link or privacy fence, and you should explore them. Property fences are great for giving you a safer, more private yard from trespassers and onlookers. A pool safety fence is designed to prevent accidental drowning by providing a different kind of barrier. A well designed safety fence works to stop entry into the pool area by children, pets, or compromised adults who may not have the skill or swimming strength necessary to save themselves should they enter the water without supervision.

Features Of A Swimming Pool Safety Fence

  • Durable – Swimming pool fences are exposed to the elements, but they also will see more exposure to water from the pool, increased localized humidity, and more chemicals. Pool safety fence materials are designed to handle these additional environmental factors.
  • Resists Climbing – In a fence designed for pool safety, care is taken not to allow an easy purchase for hand or footholds. Unlike a chain link fence which a child can easily climb, a properly installed safety fence is tall, taut, and has a fine mesh that is not easily gripped.
  • Self-Closing/Latching – A self-closing and self-latching gate helps ensure your pool area doesn’t accidentally remain open if you pass through with your arms full or become distracted. This safety feature is especially helpful when children or pets may be present, as an unsecured gate can seem like an open invitation. 
  • Alarms – One addition that can improve pool safety is an alarm that audibly alerts you when the gate to the pool is opened. That way, even in the case of a latch failure or intentional opening by someone who knows how to work the mechanism, you can ensure they are using the pool safely with supervision.
  • Removable – While a swimming pool safety fence may be necessary to keep your pool safer, it can cut down on the usable area directly around the pool. Removable pool safety fencing can be taken down for larger pool parties and easily reinstalled afterward. That way you can still maximize your fun and the beauty of your pool with the confidence that you are doing everything in your power to prevent accidental drownings when it’s not in use.
  • Pet Fencing – If you have pets, specially designed pet mesh is available to help keep them safer. Pet mesh is thicker and designed to resist ripping and tearing from claws and teeth, making it a better option for curious or hyperactive furry family members.

 Getting The Right Pool Fencing Options For You

Every pool area is different, and for maximum pool safety, your fence needs to be built for your pool and the needs you are likely to encounter. This tailored approach can also help your budget, by avoiding components or features you don’t feel you’re likely to need while ensuring your fence is ready for whatever comes. When considering installing a new pool fence, you have two options. 

First, you can opt to do the job yourself. Pool fencing parts and materials are readily available, and if you know your way around a few common tools, you can DIY your pool fence installation and save a little bit of money. This can especially be helpful if you’re installing a pool fence to augment the protection already offered by an existing pool safety cover.

Your other alternative is to contact a swimming pool safety professional who can help you find the right custom solution and install it properly. While this often costs more than self-installation, you can be certain the job is done correctly and their experience may help them identify considerations or concerns you might not have thought of. This can also be a great option if you want to install a pool safety cover or net concurrently to get the most protection for your pool all at once. 

Get A Free Estimate On Your Swimming Pool Safety Fence

You can get a no-cost, no-obligation estimate from a pool safety professional who’s experienced in designing pool fence options that fit your lifestyle. They’ll set an appointment to examine your pool area, offer recommendations, and help you understand the ways you can make your pool as safe as possible. Give yourself the peace of mind that your family, friends, and pets are better protected. Contact All-Safe Pool for a free quote today.

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