What are the Benefits of Installing a Removable Mesh Pool Fence?

Black mesh removable pool fence installed around a rectangular swimming pool

A removable mesh pool fence can help you create a safer pool area for your friends, family, and pets. Mesh pool fencing creates a perimeter barrier around your pool area that helps you prevent the unsupervised access that can lead to an increased risk of accidental drowning. Unlike traditional fencing, however, mesh pool fencing can be moved completely out of the way when you need more space for more fun–whether it’s adding your favorite pool accessory or inviting over your children’s classmates for a pool party. Make sure your family is safe, and your pool stays fun by installing a pool fence that supports your swimming lifestyle. 

Removable Mesh Pool Fencing

Toddler on a trike in front of a black removable swimming pool fence

In order for a pool fence to be removable, it has to be able to be drawn back, opening up the pool area for more space and easier use without compromising safety when it’s in place and protecting access to your swimming pool. That requirement for user-friendly flexibility guided the design of our removable mesh pool fence. Consisting of strong poles anchored in the ground, tightly woven mesh fabric that inhibits climbing, and a sefl-closing and latching gate, it creates a strong safety perimeter around your entire pool area. The whole fence can be removed or a section can be unlatched and removed to make the right amount of space when and where you need it most.

Benefits of a Pool Fence

Thousands of lives are lost annually to accidental drowning injuries, and tens of thousands more drowning victims seek medical care for nonfatal injuries. One of the best ways to ensure your pool doesn’t become part of these tragic statistics is to install a pool safety barrier. Along with concerned pool owners, many state and local governments, homeowners associations, and insurance carriers also require the installation of a pool safety barrier on both commercial and private swimming pools. One of the most popular swimming pool safety barriers traditionally has been a fence, and a removable mesh pool fence is a safe, modern alternative to traditional materials.

Improved Pool Safety

The primary reason for installing a pool fence is to protect your friends, family, and pets from a dangerous situation. Removable mesh pool fencing is designed to deter climbing, resist rips or tears, and prevent even small children from pushing through or crawling under the fence to gain access. The see-through design also lets you keep an eye on the interior of your pool fence, unlike some traditional materials, which may leave you unaware of an emergency mere feet away. 

Easy-to-Care-For Durability

Your removable mesh pool fence is designed to be easy to maintain, taking no more than an occasional rinse or a light detergent and soft-bristled brush. The mesh is UV and tear-resistant, and the entire pool fence installation, from deck sleeves to poles and gate, is engineered to be weather resistant. Occasional adjustments are easy to make, and if pool fence repair is ever needed, we offer a full range of mesh pool fencing parts and specialty tools so you can keep your fence sound for years to come.


Man in the process of rolling up a mesh removable pool fence section

If you’ve ever owned a pool with a traditional fence, you already understand the value of a removable mesh pool fence’s flexibility. No more lifting accessories over the side of a static fence. No more cramming people in around the edge of the pool for a party. The fully installed fence is incredibly safe, but undoing a few latches will allow you to completely remove a section or uninstall the entire fence temporarily, making it the perfect choice for neighborhood get-togethers and family reunion fun.

Refined Appearance

Cracked and weathered wood, rusted iron, and oxidized chain link all started off looking nice, but it takes a lot of care to keep up appearances. Removable mesh pool fencing always looks good, with vibrant colors, weather-resistant materials, and a design that maintains the safe, tight lines that make your pool area look good. Mesh pool fencing also lets you continue to enjoy your landscaping outside the pool area with a see-through mesh that doesn’t block out your view and leave your pool area feeling closed in or your backyard walled off from the pool.

Cost Effective

Cost is almost always a consideration when choosing your pool fence installation, with different fencing materials offering different price points for your pool protection. A removable mesh pool fence is consistently among the least expensive fencing options, and when you add that to its safety-first design, you get a fence that’s the best choice for most pools, dollar-for-dollar.

Our removable mesh pool fencing meets or exceeds the standards set forth by ASTM International, a standards organization that most jurisdictions base their pool fence requirements on. That means that while you’re protecting your pool, you’re also safeguarding your property investment and protecting yourself from liability should an accident occur.

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