Pool Fence Replacement Parts Guide

Your pool safety fence is only an effective barrier if it’s in good repair, and pool fence parts help you make sure it stays well-maintained and secure after damage or wear has taken its toll. While our removable mesh fence is built to last through years of trouble-free use, you may need to replace some of your pool fence hardware from time to time to maximize its effectiveness or even repair your fence after damage from a pet, determined would-be swimmer, or strong inclement weather. While your local independent installer can frequently help you with your pool fence repair projects, sometimes a job is small enough that you want to tackle it yourself or they may be overloaded, such as after a major storm has passed through the area. That’s why we offer the same high-quality replacement parts used by our pros or in any new fence build.

When To DIY

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We’ve talked before about the risks of DIY pool fence installation, and for major repairs, many of those same concerns hold true. You do run the risk of not having the right tools or experience. You may be stuck with sleepless nights wondering if you’ve restored the strength of your fence to the same levels as before. You could end up with an even higher professional repair bill than you would have had before making some of the more common DIY pool fence mistakes. For minor jobs, however, the risk is much lower, and with quality parts and attention to detail, you can get back to enjoying your strong, versatile swimming pool fence. Here are some ways to tell if you need to get a professional involved:

  • The Issue Requires the Fence’s Installation Location to Be Relocated – One of the joys of a removable mesh pool fence is that you can easily take it down and reinstall it, but it is made to match the dimensions it’s initially installed in. If you’re forced to relocate the fence, a professional who can properly reinstall the fence with new anchor holes and sleeves, as well as repair any damage, will make sure your new fence location has the same security as the last.
  • The Problem Stretches Across a Large Area of the Fence – Little problems can become big problems when they get–well, bigger. An easy pole replacement on a single section that’s put off introduces more strain and stress onto neighboring sections, and it soon compounds into an issue that could affect your entire fence. This means more extensive repair work and the possibility that a full replacement is needed.
  • You Know Something Isn’t Right, But You Aren’t Sure What – Once you’re used to the security of your removable mesh pool fence, it’s easy to see when something goes wrong, and it’s not offering the same protection. If you can’t tell what that something is, however, it’s best to get an experienced professional involved. That way, you avoid the unnecessary expense of unneeded repairs or inadvertently causing additional damage in trying to identify and fix the wrong issue.

Quality Parts For Your Fence

If you’ve identified the issue, have the tools, and are ready to take on the pool fence repair yourself, we’ve got you covered with quality pool fence parts and hardware that will give you OEM performance.

  • Fence Poles – Our strong aluminum fence poles are designed to securely hold the mesh fence to create a secure perimeter that resists pets, wind, and inquisitive kids. Poles are available as 1” hollow poles with ½” pegs to fit ⅝” deck sleeves or 1” poles with an engineered geometric-support cross-section to increase their strength that fit in 1⅛” sleeves. Both are available in a variety of colors and come with the pole, a molding strip and screws, the deck sleeve, and a deck plug. When replacing a pole, ensure the neighboring poles don’t also need replacement, as they may have been subjected to increased stress.
  • Molding Strips – Molding strips attach your mesh fabric to the poles and are secured by screws. This important piece of pool fence hardware should be replaced if it shows any damage, as a shard or jagged edge can, in turn, damage the mesh material. 
  • Deck Sleeves and Plugs – Deck Sleeves are molded from sturdy plastic to securely lock the poles in place when installed, preventing lateral movement from damaging the poles or allowing slack to enter the system. Plugs fit neatly into the sleeves when you remove your mesh fence to maintain your deck’s finished look and avoid any chance of snagging small toes. While durable, these parts will sometimes be part of a larger pool fence repair project, need to be replaced due to weathering, or “go missing” when curious kids at a pool party decide they look cool.
  • Pole Caps – Another frequent pool fence part that “walks off,” pole caps simply go on the end of your pool fence poles, giving a finished appearance and helping protect hands from metal edges.
  • Gate Posts and Frames – Gate Posts are different than other pool fence posts because they’re designed to both hold your fence as it terminates and support the weight of your gate. Doubled posts will be needed for gates, but single posts have the strength and stability to terminate sections. Gate frames make pool fence gate repair easy, giving you a single panel to swap out on your gate posts.
  • Pool Fence Gate Hardware and Gate Latches – These gate parts and accessories help hold your gate together, let it swing freely, and keep it secure. Designed to be self-closing and self-latching, your gate may need repair anytime the latch no longer secures the gate, or a hinge won’t let it smoothly swing closed. 
  • Replacement Mesh Material and Sections – If your mesh has a hole in it, whether from storm damage, a pet, or another incident, it needs to be replaced. Mesh fence sections give you strong mesh with pre-positioned poles that makes pool fence repair more straightforward. Just swap it for the damaged section and latch it in place, replacing the mesh and poles all at once. Replacement mesh material gives you the mesh itself to hand on undamaged poles or gate frames with the molding you already have on hand. 
  • Pool Fence Repair Tools – We also offer the less common pool fence tools you’ll need to properly repair and install removable mesh pool fencing, including coring bits and drill guides for proper anchor hole placement in a variety of deck materials.

Remember: Help Is a Phone Call Away

Your local pool safety pro is always ready to help you create a safer pool area. Whether you’re a first-time customer that needs a whole fence or a pool owner whose fence needs a little TLC, they’re available for a no-cost quote that keeps your loved ones safer. Whether you’re tackling pool fence repair yourself or calling a pro, parts are available to fix your fence. Order your pool fence parts from All-Safe Pool today.

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