Top 10 Pool Safety Tips For Summer 2015


Top 10 Pool Safety Tips For Summer

Having a cool and refreshing pool to swim in during summer can be a big part of a fun season nobody can forget. But pools can also be dangerous.

An unsecured pool can be problematic and without the proper safety features, accidents can happen at any time. Keeping the pool and children safe is a top priority for All-Safe and parents alike, which is why we have gathered the top 10 pool safety tips to make your pool safe for everyone this summer.

1. Install a Pool Fence

Enclosing your swimming pool with a pool fence is one of the most effective ways to keep young children safe by your pool area. The best type of fence to maximize safety is a mesh pool fence, as it is fully removable and it’s virtually impossible for children to climb over it. These fences also ensure you can see the pool area at a distance and special self-closing, self-locking latches help keep your children from sneaking  through the barrier.

All-Safe Removable Pool Fence
Consider installing a mesh pool fence to help make your pool safer.

2. Set Rules And Guidelines

One of the most important pool safety tips is laying down the rules with your children as soon as swim season begins. Rules should focus on times of access, behavior in and around the pool, and how to respond during emergencies. It’s also important to discuss jumping in the pool, drain covers, and the swimming buddy system. Teach children to always ask permission before going near the water and to enforce the rules you lay down with their friends.

3. Use the Buddy System

Children should never be near the pool without an adult, even if they are wearing flotation devices. It may seem like the simplest of the pool safety tips, but it is extremely important to make sure a responsible adult is within arm’s reach of small children when they are near the water.

Keep young children under active adult supervision at all times.

4. Share Your Pool Safety Tips for Summer with Others

Education is an important tool. Share the pool safety tips you’ve learned with others who will be using your pool. You can even take education a step further and demonstrate how to use the different safety features, teach children specific water safety skills, and include any babysitters in on pool lessons so they are prepared for the summer ahead.

5. Clear the Pool Area

If your pool is clean and clear, it’s easier for swimmers to avoid hazardous obstacles. Don’t leave toys in or around the pool and make sure chairs and other furniture items are at a safe distance away from the pool so children can’t use them to climb over pool fences. You should also always make sure your pool covers and spa covers work properly to prevent children and debris from falling in your pool.

Pool and Spa Covers
Maintain pool and spa covers in good working order.

6. Regulate Pool Chemicals

Pool safety tips aren’t just about swimming; they’re about pool maintenance, too. Maintain proper chemical levels, circulation, and filtration to ensure that levels are balanced. You don’t want your swimmers to suffer from uncomfortable side effects, like earaches or rashes, so test and adjust the chemical levels on a regular basis to minimize risk.

7. Install A Pool Alarm

For those moments you can’t be by the pool, you can remain confident that your children are well-protected by using a pool alarm to alert you when someone is near the pool or enters the water.

Pool Safety Alarm
Install a pool alarm to alert you when someone is in the pool.

8. Provide Swimming Lessons

Teaching your family how to swim is probably one of the most fun pool safety tips for summer. When everyone knows how to swim properly and understands proper water safety skills, they know how to get out of scary situations calmly and can even help others who may be at risk.

9. Keep Kids in Sight

Don’t let children out of sight when they are in or around the pool area. If a child is missing, always check the pool first, as every second counts to prevent death or disability.

Ensure that nobody goes to the pool alone.

10. Go the Extra Mile for Inexperienced Swimmers

People who aren’t strong swimmers should never be left alone, no matter how old they are. Make sure all of your loved ones are well protected by bringing in experienced swimmers and providing U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets, as well as other safety devices.

Consult With An Expert

Knowing the top pool safety tips is the perfect way to make sure that the summer days ahead are packed with fun, sun, and safety. If you’re looking for more pool safety tips for summer, contact your local All-Safe dealer for a free consultation and make your pool the place to be.

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