The Importance of a Pool Barrier Fence to Keep Out Kids

Removable Pool Fence

Most of us have only happy memories when we think of swimming pools. We remember pool parties over summer vacation, afternoons spent playing Marco Polo and competing with our friends to see who can hold their breath the longest. We remember the exhilarating feeling of jumping off the diving board for the first time.

Unfortunately, hundreds of families every year also have tragic memories of their pool, often when their child fell in or tried to swim without their supervision. Pool owners have a responsibility to keep family and friends safe, and that’s why safety barriers such as mesh pool fences are essential.

It’s critical for pool owners to learn about pool safety and install safety measures around their home. Some of the most effective safety devices are pool barrier fences.

What makes a barrier fence important for pools? Here are a few reasons why safety fence is a necessity for every home with a swimming pool — particularly if you have very young children.      


Swimming Injuries Are Serious

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, an average of 3,536 each year people died from drowning from 2005 to 2014 (about 10 deaths each day). The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) reports that an additional 4,900 people receive emergency care each year due to injuries they sustain in a swimming pool or spa. Worst of all, children under five years old account for about 300 drowning deaths each year.

It’s never fun to talk about the dangers of swimming pools. But it is important to recognize the risks of having young family members around the pool without any safety measures in place. Studies from the CSPC estimate that 69% of children who drown in pools were not supposed to be swimming at the time they were found — which means that no one was watching them and that a pool barrier fence might have kept them from the water.

Every parent wants to protect their children, their young family members, the neighbor kids, and anyone else who may spend time in their pool. You can keep a close eye on them during pool parties or weekend swim lessons, but pool safety tools like fences and covers can help in those moments when your back is turned.

You Can Never Be Too Safe

You might be wondering how a pool barrier fence can make your home any safer than it already is. After all, you’ve probably already taken steps to protect your family; perhaps you have a pool cover for when the pool isn’t in use or an alarm that alerts you when someone is in the water who shouldn’t be.

First of all, congratulations — those safety solutions are great for any pool owner, and they’re especially great for households with little ones running around. However, these tools aren’t always sufficient protection on their own. For example, a pool cover requires someone to put it on, so it won’t protect anyone if you forget. Similarly, a pool alarm won’t notify you until something has already disturbed the water. Whether that something is a family pet or a toddler. We’re sure you’d rather have them safely on the pool deck.

Pool barrier fences can act as the first line of defense, helping to keep little ones out of the pool area without your supervision.

Pool Fences Provide Peace of Mind

It’s natural for parents to worry about their children’s safety — and the worry doesn’t decrease as they get older. Even if your child is old enough to be a strong swimmer, swimming alone is always risky.

A pool barrier fence (especially a mesh fence from All-Safe) helps to keep kids out with mesh panels make climbing difficult. The durable fabric stands up to wear and tear to provide your family with years of protection. A tension-based system also makes removing the fence difficult without supervision — which means your children will have to ask for help getting into the pool.  

Ultimately, this pool safety tool provides parents with peace of mind, knowing that it would be exceedingly difficult for their children to enter the pool unsupervised.

With a pool barrier fence in the yard, you and your family can enjoy your swimming pool at the appropriate times, and you can be confident that your kids, pets, and other loved ones are safe when the pool is closed. This one simple tool is an investment that you can use for years to come, helping you feel at ease whenever your little ones play in the yard.

So if you’re thinking about putting a swimming pool in your home, or if you already have a pool and now have youngsters running around, now is the time to have a fence installed and keep them protected.

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