Installing a Pool Safety Fence


Installing a pool safety fence

A removable, mesh safety fence may be the single most important feature that will help deter your children and pets from falling into your swimming pool while you’re not watching. These are exceedingly important and effective safety barriers. Here are a few critical tips on their installation.

Installing Removable Pool Fencing

We recommend contacting your local dealer as the first step to installing a new pool fence. Your local dealer will schedule a free, onsite estimate to find the best solution and price for your pool’s specific needs. The average price tag for a pool safety fence is between $1,500 – $2,500, which covers the cost of the materials and installation. However, exact price amounts change depending on the size of the pool, the height of the fence, gates, and the type of surface the fence will be installed on.

What To Expect On Installation Day

On the day of your pool fence installation, your local team will meet with you to review the scope of the project before any work begins. Once the plan has your approval, the installation process will begin.

The pool safety fence installation process will start with drilling at the designated points in your pool deck. Your new pool safety fence will be anchored into these points. Each anchoring point is typically placed every 36 inches to ensure optimal durability but may differ slightly based on the layout best-suited for your pool area.

Next, plastic sleeves are inserted into the holes to make sure each post installed fits properly. Your local technician will then install the pool safety fence, along with the gate, according to the plan. Once everything is finished, your All-Safe technician will demonstrate how to take down and put up your new fence.

The whole installation process typically takes a few hours. However, some installation times may differ depending on the shape and scope of your pool. Very large pools or complex shapes extend the installation process to a second day on rare occasions.

Taking Down A Pool Fence

Once your local technician explains how to take down your pool fence, it should only take you a few minutes or so for every 15 feet of safety fencing. The exact takedown time will depend on your pool’s size.

Setting Up Your Pool Fence

Setting up your pool safety fence is a relatively simple task. Most of our customers spend about 3-5 minutes on average per fifteen feet of fencing. Right after installation, your local technician will show you the most efficient way to set up and take down your safety fence.

Why DIY Isn’t The Smartest Solution

When you install a pool safety fence the right way the first time, you get the best long-term results. But the process is not as easy as we make it look. Proper installation demands tested methods, expert tools, and installation experience for optimal results.

Common mistakes made during DIY pool safety fence installation could damage your pool deck or jeopardize the durability and safety of your fence. Those mistakes can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Therefore, we do not recommend DIY installation.

Call a Local Pool Safety Fence Expert Today

All-Safe has been helping homeowners keep their children and pets safe around their pools for over 25 years. Call your local dealer and schedule a free on-site installation and estimate. We’ll work with you to plan and install the ideal pool safety fence for your property.

After more than 25 years of running, our technicians work every day to perfect our installation process. As a customer of ours, you get to choose from among our swimming pool safety fences collection and add the ideal piece to your family’s backyard swimming area. No matter your pool safety problem, All-Safe has the perfect solution for you. Call your local All-Safe dealer today to get a free onsite estimate and learn how we can help you keep your pool safe for your family.

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