Residential Pool Fence

What are the Most Popular Types of Residential Pool Fence?

Every home with a swimming pool should have a pool fence that keeps the kids and pets safe. Installing the right type of Residential Pool Fence can make your pool area a safe place for your family to relax. Even when you are not home, you will not have to worry much about your children or pet making their way to the pool. However, you should ensure that your swimming pool is protected well by choosing the right type of fence.

Residential Pool Fence

There are almost a dozen types of pool fencing options. The most common Residential Pool Fence types are described here to make it easy for you make the right choice.

  • Chain Link: This type of pool fencing is perfect for you if you need practical safety without much emphasis on the looks. Chain link fence allow easier visibility across and is quite durable, keeping your children, pets and unwanted visitors out of the pool area.
  • Wooden Fencing: This type of Residential Pool Fence is quite popular for its classic and rustic appeal. It provides high levels of privacy and security, and can blend in with most types of landscapes. When considering wood fencing, cedar is considered the ideal choice of wood. Wooden pool fence does require painting or staining at least once a year.
  • Wrought Iron Fence: Another classic Residential Pool Fence material, wrought iron can create a more stylish pool area. When powder coated, wrought iron fencing can last for decades without corroding or rusting.
  • Aluminium Fence: Aluminium pool fencing is also durable and is available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles. You will not have to worry about your fence rusting or corroding. The metal surface can be protected against the elements with a protective coating.
  • Glass Panels: Glass panel Residential Pool Fence stands out for its modern looks and longevity. High-quality glass panel fences can be highly durable and do not break or crack easily. This type of fencing allows clear view across the pool area and also provides excellent safety because they are difficult to climb. They are available in framed, semi-frameless, and frameless varieties.

PVC panels are also quite popular as Residential Pool Fence because they are available in endless patterns and styles. Solid panel vinyl fences provide excellent privacy and can match your home’s outdoors. So consider all these different types of fences when making the right choice for your swimming pool.


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