5 Pool Safety Cover Types for Your Swimming Pool

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Pool safety cover

5 Pool Safety Cover Types for Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are created as places of fun not accidents. However, you cannot always control who goes near your pool, especially when it comes to children and pets. But you can provide an additional layer of protection by adding a Pool safety cover along with your existing pool fence. There are a variety of pool covers, and some are designed for safety, others to keep out the debris and some to trap the heat from the sun.

So if you are looking to enhance the safety around your pool, you should choose from these 5 safety covers.

1. Track-Style Pool Cover

This type of Pool safety cover is made of reinforced coated vinyl. It will slide open and close on tracks which can be installed under the coping or around the deck. They are available in different types based on their operation, including:

  • Full-automatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • Manual

So you can choose the right one based on your budget and need for convenience.

2. Tie-Down Pool Cover

This type of Pool safety cover is available in two common materials:

  • Solid vinyl
  • Threaded nylon mesh

It is usually used by homeowners for closing the pool for the winter. You can also use it in the summer. When safety is your priority, you should emphasize on choosing a tie-down cover that is especially designed for safety. It is important to ensure that the cover is made to ASTM for safety standards.

3. Mesh Cover

You can find mesh pool covers of different types. Some are designed as Pool safety cover and are capable of holding significant amount of weight. These covers allow the rain water to pass through, thus eliminating the need for pumping the water out.

4. Automatic Safety Covers

If your budget allows it, it is recommended to choose this type of Pool safety cover. It is considered one of the best options for many reasons. It is made of solid vinyl cover and can be automatically slid over the pool using a button or key.

This type of Pool safety cover is capable of holding a lot of weight, thus preventing anyone from entering. Besides, it will also offer other benefits such as:

  • Reducing evaporation
  • Reducing loss of chemicals
  • Making the pool cleaner
  • Also working as solar cover to heat the water

Even though automatic pool covers are costlier, they save you money in the long term. Overall, it is considered highly efficient and one of the safest options for pool covers.

5. Custom Pool Cover

Besides these options, you could also have your Pool safety cover custom designed to your specifications. You can have the cover made to fit any type of pool having any shape. You could choose the material to suit to your safety requirements.

There are so many options to choose from, and it is most likely that you can find a Pool safety cover from the above options. However, you could also have one designed to your preferences.

Pool safety cover

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