A Guide to Choosing the Right Pool Fences and Gates

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pool fences and gates

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pool fences and gates

A Guide to Choosing the Right Pool Fences and Gates

There are different types of pool fences and gates, and each one offers its unique set of advantages. They are made from different materials and the gates can have different features. There are manual fence gates and self-closing gates. They can be made from aluminium or wrought iron, and can be colored to match the fence. This guide will explain the most popular types of pool fence gates and some of the requirements around their installation.

Aluminium Pool Fence Gates

Aluminium pool fences and gates can be ideal for your home because they are highly durable yet lightweight. The fence and the gates can be easily transported. At the same time, they can last longer because aluminium doesn’t rust and is resistant to the weather. Aluminium gates are usually available in pre-made panels that can be easily fixed to the fence posts.

Wrought Iron Pool Fence Gates

If you want the strongest type of pool fences and gates for your home, you should choose wrought iron as the material. It is not only durable, iron fencing can also have decorative elements that cannot be found in most other types of fences. These gates and fences are available for both residential and commercial pool areas. Elegant semi-gloss black finish is one of the most popular coating. These types of gates are usually available in 4-foot wide single and 8-foot wide double gate sizes.

Pool Fence Requirements

There are certain requirements for pool fences and gates, which must be met either from the perspective of law or as minimum safety standards. Make sure that you install the gates while keeping these points in mind.

Self-Latching System

Make sure that your pool fence’s gate has a self-latching system that works automatically when the gate is closed. It should prevent the fence gate from getting opened unless it is manually released. At the same time, it is important that the latch system be protected from accidentally opening. The latch should be located at a height that is beyond the reach of a child. There should be additional protection if the latch is located at an accessible height for children.

Besides the self-latching system, pool fences and gates should also have another system that returns the gate to its closed position. Another requirement is that you should be able to use the latch from both sides.

Gate Movement

Any movement in the pool fences and gates should not allow the gate’s latch system to release. Any movement in the gate should also not unhinge the gate or affect its ground clearance. In some areas, there are special laws for these limits too. It is also important that your pool fence’s gate should not open towards the pool.

So keep all these requirements in mind when installing pool fences and gates in your home. You should also consider the benefits of different types of materials, styles and colors before investing in any option. Pool fencing can enhance the safety around your pool, but you can always choose something that also adds to your garden’s looks.

pool fences and gates

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