7 Commonly Asked Pool Fence Questions

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Pool Fence Questions? A swimming pool is a home water feature that provides priceless memories and a haven of relaxation. Behind this beautiful and wonderful thing lurks the dangers every pool owner and parent knows. With accidents and drowning occurring among children even when adults are nearby, a pool fence grants a much-needed and comforting peace of mind. It fills those split seconds in time that can inevitably be missed. Here are 7 commonly asked pool fence questions to help you out in the decision-making process of ensuring the safety of your loved ones at home.

7 Commonly Asked Pool Fence Questions

1. What is a pool fence?

A swimming pool fence is the kind of fence placed around backyard pools. It is designed to create a passive barrier that restricts small children from accessing the pool, such that they cannot even climb their way through. It comes in several types in various materials such as aluminum, steel, glass, mesh, vinyl, or PVC fencing. A pool fence can be permanent, but the removable type is a more popular option. Removable mesh pool fences is preferred by many not only for the unparalleled safety it provides, but for its versatility, durability, and modern appeal.

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Pool fences are recommended safety barriers for your swimming pool.

2. How safe and strong is a pool fence?

The tension within the mesh pool fence prevents young children from removing the fence themselves. This type of pool fencing is very difficult for toddlers to climb because there are not any supports for them to place their feet in climbing over the fence. Most foster care, child adoption, and social services have installed removable mesh pool fences for pool safety in a home where a child is being placed.

3. Is a removable mesh pool fence easy to use?

Definitely. Mesh pool fences are easy to use, fully removable, and can be rolled up for easy storage. The average setup or removal typically takes about 5-10 minutes per 15-foot section. Experts who will have it installed for you would also demonstrate and teach you how to do it.

4. How much does a pool fence cost?

A pool fence questions usually involve pricing. Pool fences ranges from around $1,000 – $2,500 including installation and materials. The price depends on a number of factors that has to be considered by professionals, such as the footage, height, number of gates, the surface where it will be set upon, and all other components. This is to make certain that you get the highest quality pool fence installed at home.

5. How do I purchase a mesh pool fence?

You can get in touch with a local independent dealer, such as All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers that has been manufacturing and installing pool fences for over 20 years. You can reach an All-Safe dealer by simply submitting the free quote form. You will receive a free on-site estimate and professional advice on what type of layout and options will yield optimal safety for your family. You will get the best fence that maintains your scenery and pool ambiance.

6. What can I expect on the day of installation?

First off, your installer will arrive right on schedule, on time and will just need to confirm the layout you prefer. Upon your approval of the final layout, they will promptly start and seamlessly work until completed. Installation commences from drilling holes, then inserting the sleeves, and customizing your fence to perfectly fit. Once the installation is finished, your installer will demonstrate how to remove and replace the fence, and adjust the gate on your own. Most installations are completed in just 1 day, but can take up to 2 days for more complicated layouts and longer fences.

7. Can I install the fence myself?

Though it may seem an easy task we still may have several pool fence questions. Installing a mesh pool fence is actually a tedious task which can be executed with precision by properly trained and knowledgeable installers. Experience and expertise are called for when drilling holes, customizing sections, setting up gates, and knowing exactly what components are necessary. Moreover, patience is required to get it right. Professionals can get the job done efficiently and see to it that your pool fence stands securely.

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