Will Pool Covers Be Required In Los Angeles To Fight The Drought?

Winter pool covers protect your pool while it is out of use.

Using Waterproof and Thermal Pool Covers to Fight Drought in LA

Pool safety Cover in LA
L.A. residents may be required to cover their swimming pools, such as this mesh pool cover.

Los Angeles has seen a lot more waterproof pool covers the last few years. Since the LA Times released an article in 2015 addressing a severe drought in LA, officials established water restrictions that highly encouraged homeowners to use pool cover that conserve water.

Fighting Drought With Your Pool Cover

Those restrictions were enforced in multiple phases in an effort to fight the drought. Enforced conservation practices also included not watering plants during or after rainfall, hosing off sidewalks, and irrigating ornamental turf on public street medians. Many California residents were also encouraged to cover their pools with an approved swimming pool thermal cover to prevent excess evaporation.

Even though many restrictions were lifted as the drought ended in 2017, investing in a waterproof pool cover is always beneficial to water conservation.

Comparing Pool Cover Types

While there are many cover types out there, such as mesh pool covers and leaf pool covers, these do not have a significant impact on reducing the evaporation of pool water.

The best pool covers to use for water conservation are automatic pool covers. Automatic covers are waterproof, safe to walk on, convenient to use, and will preserve water temperature making the pool less expensive to heat.

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