Inground Pool Safety Fence Types For Your Home

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Inground Pool Safety Fence

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Inground Pool Safety Fence

Inground Pool Safety Fence Types For Your Home

There are different inground pool safety fence Types, which differ in material and style. You will want to choose an option that suits your budget while also meeting your requirements and the local building code. Here are the most common options available on the market and their main features.

Glass In-Ground Pool Fence

This type of inground pool safety fence has a modern appeal to it. It doesn’t obstruct visibility, is easy to install, can be secured with posts or brackets. The glass panels can be costly but not as much as their wrought iron counterparts. You will not have to worry about the glass panels breaking, because modern glass fences are durable and can be much thicker than before. Maintenance requires just occasional cleaning once in a while.

Mesh In-Ground Pool Fences

These types of inground pool safety fence are also widely popular. They are ideally suited for your home if want to remove the pool fencing once your children grow up. Mesh pool fences are not as durable as other types. Usually, they can last for over a decade before the mesh starts degrading due to the elements. Once the fence posts are installed, you can put up or remove the fence in minutes.

Metal Pool Fences

Metal pool fences include aluminium and steel fences. They are valued for their high level of durability. Usually, they are available in pre-assembled sections, which can be assembled together for quick installation. If you need high level of durability and strength, steel pool fences are the perfect options. But they can be expensive and difficult to ship. Then there are aluminium pool fences, which are lighter and quite popular too. There is no need to paint them and they don’t rust.

Wood In-Ground Pool Fences

Wood is another popular option for inground pool safety fence. It is available in various styles, and can be painted or stained. Some of the most popular wood species are:

  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Pine
  • Ash

If you install wood, you should know that it requires more time and money for maintenance. You will have to paint or stain it from time to time to protect the material.

Vinyl In-Ground Pool Fence

If you don’t have the time and money for regular maintenance, vinyl inground pool safety fence can be the perfect option. They are also easier to install. Just like wood, vinyl fences are also more affordable than metal and glass fences.

There are some other types of in-ground pool fence options too. They include chain link/lattice, brick and stone fences. The choice of the right fencing will depending on various factors including the level of safety required, need to visibility on both sides, your home’s outdoor looks, and the landscaping. If you make any changes to your home, it is important to check with the local building code. Make sure you have all the permits before you take any steps to add an inground pool safety fence.

Inground Pool Safety Fence

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