How to Prepare Your Pool for Summer

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If your home has a swimming pool, Spring is the time to start preparing it for summer fun. While you can always have a pool maintenance company do the work, making pool care for summer a DIY project can really cut down on costs.

From the cleaning to safety measures like a pool fence, If you have time to prepare your pool for summer, here is a handy guide to help you do the job right.

  1. Remove the Cover and Extract Large Debris

Near the start of last autumn, you may have stretched a leaf pool cover over your pool. If so, there may not be much debris to skim from the water with a pool rake, or suck out with a pool vacuum. If not, set aside time to remove sources of debris that could make the water filtration process inefficient. Then, it’s time to prepare the pool’s water filtration system for reactivation.

  1. Prep Your Water Filtration System for Action

Even if you fitted your pool with a protective cover all winter and the water isn’t cluttered with leafy debris, it will still probably be a bit cloudy from the accumulation of micro sediments which the pool’s winterized water filtration system would have otherwise removed. So, to prepare a pool for summer, you need to get the system ready to start continuously filtering the water again.

To prep the filtration system for reactivation, you’ll likely need to take four steps:

(1) reconnect detached elements within the filtration system

(2) inspect filtration baskets for cleanliness

(3) clean the main filter

(4) remove any plugs that were inserted to winterize the system.  

  1. Add Water and Activate the Filtration System

As a pool hibernates in winter, it can lose water due to evaporation. This is why a pool’s water level often appears mysteriously low when a leaf cover is removed to prepare the pool for summer. If the water in your pool sits below the proper level, add water until it reaches the right volume. Then, turn on the filtration system, so it can purge the water of sedimentation.

Among essential pool care for summer measures, cleansing the water by filtration typically takes the longest. If the water hasn’t been filtered for a few months, it’s ideal to let the filtration system run for one week. During the layover, explore our online selection of pool safety barriers. It will help you satisfy step five in this list of how to prepare your pool for summer.

  1. Replenish Essential Chemicals in the Water

When a swimming pool is out of commission for the winter, the chemicals that help keep the water sanitized and clear remain unreplenished, thus gradually becoming depleted. To properly prepare a pool for summer, you need to restore the proper balance, as follows:

  • PH level – 7.2 to 7.4
  • Alkalinity – 80 to 120 ppm
  • Calcium – 150 to 250 ppm
  • Chlorine – 1 to 3 ppm

Pool water test kits that help you perform chemical measurements are available. Some kits also come with reference guides that identify the specific chemicals you’ll need to add for desired results. The kits are generally pretty affordable, as are the chemicals you’ll need.    

  1. Keep your Family Safe with a Pool Safety Barrier

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 390 people die annually from drowning in a swimming pool or at a spa. Among the most common victims are small children, the elderly, and adults living with disabilities — and fatalities can result in wrongful death claims. If someone else’s loved one drowns in your pool, it may become more than a tragic loss for the person’s family; it could also turn into a financial catastrophe for you.

When it comes to pool safety strategies that deter drowning, the most critical measure for anyone who needs to prepare a pool for summer is this: implement a safety barrier that is professionally designed to make it difficult for at-risk individuals to enter swimming pools unsupervised. All Safe Pool Fence & Covers specializes in this type of life-saving solution.      

We supply three types of pool safety barriers: removable pool fences, pool nets, and pool covers. Shop our online inventory to select the barrier that best accommodates your needs. If you need assistance making a selection based on safety considerations, please contact us.

Pool Care for Summer: Is Your Pool Ready?

In some areas of the nation, Springtime is still a bit too chilly to take a pleasant dip in an outdoor pool. But before long, it will be a welcome reprieve from the summer heat. Just remember to take the five steps above to prepare your pool for summer fun. It will help keep the water clear and clean, and it could save someone’s life.

Pool Safety Barriers: Contact a Local All-Safe Dealer

Of everything we recommend to prepare a pool for summer, most important is to fortify your pool site with a safety barrier that helps prevent tragic drowning accidents, especially during hours when the pool isn’t normally in use, or you aren’t around to monitor who approaches it.

Whether you decide to use a removable fence, a safety net, or a safety cover to deter at-risk individuals from entering the water on their own, All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers supplies a high-quality solution that the installer customizes for your pool.

If your home needs a pool safety barrier, contact a local All-Safe dealer today to request a site inspection and estimate.

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