How to Prep Your Pool Fence for Summer

Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time to get your removable pool fencing ready to keep you safe while you beat the summer heat. Safety swimming pool fencing helps provide a physical protective barrier between your pool’s surface and someone who may not be in a position to save themselves should they accidentally enter the water, such as a child, weak swimmer, or pet. Just as your swimming pool itself needs regular inspection, upkeep, and maintenance, your pool safety fence needs attention to make sure it is in good condition and ready to go. 

The Difference In Safety Fencing

toddler leaning against a safety pool fence with a red ball beside him

It’s important to understand that removable pool fencing is not the same as property fencing. The two serve different purposes, with designs optimized to support their respective functions. Removable pool safety fencing is lightweight, sturdy, intended to resist climbing, and designed to be removed if needed to provide extra space for pool-side activities when ample supervision is guaranteed. Even if your property is fenced to provide privacy or prevent entry from animals or trespassers, it may not be enough to help you prevent accidental drownings from those on your property who should not be in the pool unsupervised. 

Preparing Your Pool For Summer

If you’ve had your pool closed all winter long, then you’re more than ready to get back to the warm summer days lounging in the sun or getting in your laps. Before you open your pool up, though, you need to ensure it’s ready for safe operation. While that includes making sure your water is clean and sanitary and features like slides and diving boards are ready to go, it also means making sure your safety installations are up to par.     

Our removable pool fencing is designed to be easy to use and maintain. Over time, however, damage can occur that needs addressing, parts can wear, or adjustments may need to be made to ensure your swimming pool fencing integrity. The easiest way to begin making sure your fence is ready is to work from the ground up.

  • Check the Footing – In order to provide a stable base for your pool fencing, your poles will be anchored through holes in the ground or deck. Inspect these holes looking for cracks, widening, or other signs that they may not be as secure as needed for proper pole support. If you didn’t cover them with deck plugs and you had your poles removed over the winter, now is also the time to clean out any debris that may have found its way into the anchor holes.
  • Inspect Your Fencing Poles – Our removable pool fencing is constructed with ⅝” or 1” tri-core aluminum poles. That means at the center of your pole, aluminum supports form three triangles offering all-direction support to help keep your poles from bending. Check to make sure your poes are still straight. 
  • Verify Your Fence Fabric Is Undamaged – The mesh fabric should be flexible and firmly attached to the poles. Signs of brittleness, ripped seams, or tears will need to be mended where possible and replaced where not. Look for any signs of damage, especially if you have pets whose sharp claws or teeth can leave small tears that expand over time.
  • Set Your Fence Up Properly – If you haven’t already, set up your fence and make sure it is still providing the firm, unbroken barrier you previously enjoyed. Under tension, bent poles or split fabric that you previously missed may become apparent. 
  • Check Gate Function Carefully – Gates should swing freely, opening outward from the pool. The latching mechanism should automatically engage when the gate is shut. If your latch uses a key lock, check it for functionality and apply a graphite lock lubricant if necessary to protect the delicate inner workings and allow free movement.
  • Clean Your Fence Thoroughly – Keeping your swimming pool fencing clean is an important part of maintenance, and should be done at the start of every season and when needed afterward. You’ll need a bucket of warm water, some gentle dish detergent, and a soft-bristle brush. Gently scrub your mesh on both sides with the non-toxic soapy water, then rinse thoroughly, and you’ll be helping your removable pool fencing have a long service life while looking its best.
  • Know When to Call the Pros –  While upkeep and even some light maintenance is easily managed by the owner, which is why we offer replacement parts shipped directly to your door, sometimes professional help is needed. If there is an issue with your removable pool fencing that isn’t easily solved, it’s time to contact a specialist. That way you know any repair will be done right, and your pool fence will be safe for the summer’s pool parties. 

On Further Review

Beyond your swimming pool fencing, now is the time to do a full inspection of your pool and all its safety equipment. Check your liners and pumps to make sure they’re functioning properly and not leaking. Safety covers should be inspected for damage, rails for debris that might inhibit operation or loose fasteners, and your pool-side first aid kit should be checked for expired supplies and restocked appropriately. Check your CPR or lifeguard certifications and make sure they’re up to date. By putting in the work at the start of “pool season”, you’ll be ready to focus on fun with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done your part to prevent a tragedy. 

Create A Safer Pool For Your Family

Removable swimming pool fencing, safety covers, and safety netting can all help protect your family from tragedy. It all starts with a free consultation and quote designed around providing you a safer pool area that is still beautiful to use. Find out how affordable peace of mind can be with a quote from All-Safe Pool today.

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