Summer Pool Party Checklist


Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for pool parties by understanding pool safety rules that keep your summer fun safe. Pool safety equipment may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your outdoor get-togethers, but making sure your pool is ready can leave you free to plan the details of an event while ensuring it doesn’t end in tragedy. Whether you’re planning a child’s birthday party or an adult mixer, let’s look at the groundwork that keeps your guests protected so everyone can have worry-free fun.

Planning For Safety First

When you’re getting ready to host a pool party, there are a lot of details to work out, time seems to fly, and before you know it, the big day is here whether you’re ready for it or not. That time crunch is exactly why it’s so important to start planning your pool’s safety systems beforehand and to keep them maintained so they’re ready when you are. If you know your pool is as safe as possible beforehand, you can spend your preparation time focused on event-specific items, like refreshments and music.

  1. Create A Safer Pool Area
  2. Define Your Pool Party
  3. Plan The Fun
  4. Plan For Cleanup

Creating A Safer Pool Area

Pool safety rules are great, but before they come into play, ensuring you have the right pool safety equipment is a must. On average, ten people in the United States lose their lives to accidental drowning every day, and drowning is the #1 cause of death among children aged 1-4. Creating a safer pool environment isn’t just for parties, it’s your responsibility to your family, friends, and pets.. 

  • Pool Safety Fences, Covers, And Nets – These barrier protection systems help prevent unintentional water entry by those who shouldn’t be swimming alone or may not be able to effectively prevent themselves from drowning. This can include children, inebriated guests, or even pets who don’t understand that the water can be dangerous. Safety barriers provide a physical layer of protection between a potential drowning victim and your pool.
  • Flotation and Rescue Equipment – Long poles help give people outside the pool a way to reach swimmers in distress. Don’t trust your pool net or cleaning equipment, because they are not engineered for the job. Flotation devices, like lifesavers, should be readily available at poolside. 
  • First Aid Supplies – A well-stocked first aid kit should have the tools necessary in case of a cut from broken glass, a bad bump or gash from a slip and fall, and a shield for resuscitation in the event of a cardiac emergency. There are a wide array of store bought kits that cover the basics, or you can build your own in a tackle or tool box. Just make sure it is easily accessible and well-marked so it can be found in an emergency.
  • Learn To Save A Life – If you own a pool, get certified in water safety skills. The American Red Cross offers a wide range of water safety courses from CPR to Lifeguard training. By preparing for the worst, you’re better able to prevent dangerous situations and manage them should they happen.

Defining Your Pool Party

Sure, some pool parties are impromptu get-togethers that need nothing more than a pool safety equipment, some snacks, and the right friends. If you’re planning for a pool party, however, you need to consider what kind of party you’re having. Establish the age range of your guests, a potential starting and ending time, and whether you’ll need to establish additional pool safety rules for expected guests. Making these decisions now helps you better tailor the experience you’re trying to present and can even help you handle last-minute questions from confused attendees who aren’t sure about your expectations for them.

Planning Your Party

dressed hot dogs spelling 'pool party' in condiments next to flip flops and sunglasses

Once you know what kind of party you’re having, it’s time to decide on the details that create the right environment for your family and friends to have fun in.

  • Refreshments – An all-day event will need to plan for a generous mealtime and the potential for “grazing”. A smaller party might only need to provide for simple treats, such as a birthday cake and ice cream. You’ll also want to determine if you are providing everything or if your guests will be expected to bring something, such as with a potluck or for a BYOB game night pool-side.
  • Activities – This can be as simple as just allowing access to the pool or more complex, with games and set swimming times scheduled. Whatever flavor of party you’re having, it’s best to make sure your guests have a general idea beforehand so there won’t be any miscommunications or unmet expectations.
  • Environment – Is your pool party only by the pool, or will guests be allowed inside for mingling? Decide what music you might play and if other entertainment, such as a TV for a kids movie or big game, will be available.
  • Pool Safety Rules – While you undoubtedly have your own rules when using the pool, parties add additional people and additional considerations. It may be necessary to specify no food by or near the water, that glass drink containers be kept away from the pool area, or that there is an electronics “safe table” away from the water to both prevent damage to devices and ensure no guest tries to charge their device while near water. In addition, a water watcher should be assigned anytime the pool is in use to ensure that no child or adult experiences a near-drowning incident because no one was watching out for the partygoers

Cleaning Up

After the party, it’s time to clean up. While this is an important step to make sure your pool is clean and ready for your next use, it’s also a good time to perform an after-party safety inspection to look for any damage or issues that may have cropped up but that a guest was hesitant to approach you about. Accidents happen, and the sooner they’re caught, the sooner they can be fixed.

Be Ready For A Safe Pool Party

Now is the time to create a safer pool for your next party. Adding a swimming pool safety fence or safety pool cover is the best way to help make your pool safer for your family, friends, and pets. Contact All-Safe Pool to talk about custom safety solutions today.

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