How to Choose the Right Fencing from Your Pool Fence Supplier?



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How to Choose the Right Fencing from Your Pool fence supplier?

Pools can be the center of activity during the warm months. It can be the place for all the fun, for both the young and old. But swimming pools are also the places where accidents can happen. If you choose the right fencing from a Pool fence supplier, you can ensure almost complete safety for your children and pets. It is also required under law to have your pool protected with properly installed fence.

The following guide will you ask the right questions to a Pool fence supplier when choosing fencing for your home.


When choosing fencing, make sure to confirm with the Pool fence supplier that it meets the compliance requirements. Some of the main points the fence must address include:

  • It will be at least 4 feet high and should have maximum 10cm ground clearance. Check with the local authorities to ensure that your minimum height limitations are met.
  • There should not be enough gap between the fencing to allow a child or pet to get through
  • There should be no climbing foothold
  • It must be durable enough not to allow a child to force it down or create a gap anyway


Once you have ensured with the Pool fence supplier that the fencing meets all the local building codes and is durable, you can consider the style and looks. You will be considering the different types of materials and colors and other personal preferences.

1. Metal Fences

Your Pool fence supplier may offer metal fences which are mostly made of steel and aluminum. There are different styles of metal fences. There are the flat tops, loop-tops, double top fences, and wire-based fences.

Double top fencing will feature dual upper horizontal rails which can be decorated with metalwork. On the other hand, fences with wires feature thick vertical wires or even rods. They are available in powder coated or galvanized finishes.

2. Glass Fencing

Your Pool fence supplier may also be offering glass fencing, which is widely popular for its unique looks and benefits. They are available with the following types of glass panels:

  • Frameless
  • Famed
  • Semi-frameless
  • In-ground panels with steel channel

These fences will also require fixing with spigots and posts, and can be chosen in designs of your choice. The posts provide the fencing its strength and durability.

Why Choose Glass Fencing?

There are many advantages of choosing glass fencing from your Pool fence supplier. Especially, more homeowners now prefer them for their contemporary looks. You don’t have to worry about the reliability of the glass panels because they are made from thick and highly durable glass.

Thanks to glass, these fences allow you to look through and around the pool area. You can also get a view outside if you are in the pool area. If you have a scenic beauty such as a beach or mountains, they the view will not be obstructed. Usually, the overall cost of buying, assembling and installing glass pool fences can be higher than that for metal fencing. So make sure to enquire the prices with your Pool fence supplier before making the right choice.

Pool Fence Supplier

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