DIY Pool Fence Installation Options

white mesh pool fence installed around a swimming pool

When creating a safer swimming pool area, you have plenty of options to choose from, including DIY pool fence installation in an effort to save money. We’ve talked before about the different types of swimming pool fences, including both the cost and effort required to maintain them. DIY fence installation is more involved than simple maintenance, however, as it requires constructing the entire structure to comply with local property laws, insurance carrier guidelines, and homeowners association covenants. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly DIY option, a removable mesh pool safety fence gives you both the price point and the user-friendly installation you’re looking for.

Professional Installation Comes with Confidence

Pool safety professional holding a section of mesh pool fencing next to a swimming pool

You may remember a previous blog we did about the pitfalls of DIY pool fence installation, and they still hold true…but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get a safe, secure pool fence built on your own. Professionals have the tools and experience to manage difficult pool areas, odd terrain, and unconventional designs with less hassle. If you have the time, patience, and tools to make sure your installation is secure, a removable mesh pool safety fence is one of the best DIY fence installation options on the market. 

Traditional DIY Pool Fencing Types

There’s always been a part of the pool-owning population that enjoys the self-sufficiency of building their own dream property when they can, right down to the fence around their pool. While some pool fence types, like glass or wrought iron, required manufacturing facilities that were outside the capabilities of most of these at-home builders, that still left them plenty of options to save money. 

  • Wood Privacy Fence – Wooden fencing offers readily available materials that can be found at most local hardware stores. Unfortunately, recent timber industry shortages have sent prices skyrocketing, and a poorly hung fence will drag itself down under its own weight.
  • Chain Link Fence – Chain link fencing is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and more budget-friendly than other traditional DIY pool fence installation options. It does, however, face a few drawbacks, as inexperienced installation often leaves sagging gates and panels, and even properly installed chainlink fence may not comply with pool safety fence regulations due to the ample hand and foot holds that make it easy to climb.
  • Pre-Made Glass or Iron Panels – Some pool owners will purchase glass bricks, pre-made glass panels, or wrought-iron fencing panels to install themselves. This does very little to save costs, and improper installation can leave your materials ruined, driving the final price point even higher.

The Benefits of Removable Mesh DIY Fence Installation

A removable mesh pool fence can be the perfect DIY pool fence installation option. It’s strong, lightweight, and built to precise measurements that take some of the guesswork out of installation.

toddler holding a green ball leaning against a mesh pool safety fence
  • Lightweight – Removable mesh pool fence is designed to provide a secure pool area while also being fully removable when more space is needed. As such, its sections use strong but lightweight mesh and poles. This helps reduce fatigue during installation and makes it easier to get the taut stretch you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones.
  • Resists Climbing – Unlike chainlink and wood fences, mesh pool fencing offers no gaps or easy handholds to climb or pull yourself over the fence. Properly installed, there are also no gaps where sections join, around the gate, or underneath the bottom edge of the mesh material.
  • Pre-Configured for Easy Installation – To make DIY pool fence installation easy, our mesh sections are all 15 feet long, with poles spaced 36 inches apart. That makes it easy to calculate how many sections you need–the total length of your fenced perimeter in feet divided by 15 and rounded up–and you always know how far to space your anchor holes–a uniform 36 inches.
  • Minimal Tools Required – A good hammer drill with a ⅝ inch bit, a screwdriver, and scissors to trim partial sections (if needed) are all that’s needed to get started. We also offer a drill guide and coring bit to make DIY fence installation even easier.
  • Same Quality Our Professionals Use – All All-Safe Pool Fence Parts are ASTM-compliant to protect your loved ones. Proper installation will give you a strong pool safety barrier that helps prevent unsupervised access to the pool area.
  • Cost-Effective – Our removable mesh pool fence was already the most cost-effective pool safety barrier for most swimming pools, and opting for DIY pool fence installation can save you even more money without sacrificing quality.

Tips for DIY Fence Installation

Thousands of lives are lost to accidental drowning injuries annually, and the lack of effective safety barriers is cited as a contributing factor in most cases. Here’s how to make sure you’re building the best possible pool safety fence.

  • Schedule Time for DIY Pool Fence Installation – The last thing you want to do is rush this job. Set aside plenty of time to work on your DIY fence installation. This includes measuring for your order, installing the fence, and performing safety checks. Eliminate distractions, and make sure you keep children and pets away from the pool area until your new pool safety fence is complete and secure.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once – This old adage will save you money and headaches. Take your measurements, check your math, and then take your measurements again before drilling holes or trimming a pool fence section. 
  • Go Slow – Remember, it takes less time to make sure you’re doing the job right the first time than to redo the job a second time.
  • Check Your Work – As you install sections, gates, and latches, check for full function, tightness, binding, or sag. The earlier you identify an issue, the easier it often is to fix.
  • Know When to Call a Pro – Sometimes you just need someone experienced to help out. While our DIY pool fence installation products aren’t offered with installation support, your local All-Safe Pool installer is a member of your community who’s dedicated their career to preventing accidental drownings with effective safety barriers. Many offer service calls to help with repair, assistance when installations have gone awry, or pool safety inspections that give you peace of mind. While this may not help you save money, it can prevent a tragedy.

Order Your DIY Pool Fence Installation Supplies

A good pool safety fence is one of the most effective layers of protection you can install in your pool area. We proudly offer DIY fence installation parts in both peg pole and one-inch pole configurations. Order your DIY pool fence installation supplies and equipment from All-Safe Pool today.

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