The 3 Most Popular Types Of Swimming Pool Fences



The 3 Most Popular Pool Fence Types

Installing a sturdy and reliable pool fence isn’t just a smart investment, it’s highly recommended by pool safety professionals nationwide. While there are no official regulations at the federal level, there are often local ordinances and numerous other considerations to make when determining the swimming pool fence types best suited for your pool area. The height of your pool fence, for example, should always be at least 4 feet.

You also need to consider the different structures of swimming pool fence types.

If you’re a parent, you should choose a fence that is nearly impossible for children to climb up or over.

As for a pool fence gate, states require that they open away from the pool and recommend that they have self-closing and self-latching configurations for optimal safety. Make sure to look at the materials involved in different pool fence types, such as aluminum, wood, vinyl, and glass, for a better understanding of each fence’s structure.

The 3 Most Popular Swimming Pool Fence Types

Removable Mesh Pool Fencing

Removable mesh pool fences are one of the most popular swimming pool fence types because they are transparent, easy to use, fully removable, and have excellent safety ratings. Mesh fencing must meet or exceed the approval standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), making it one of the safest options available for parents and children.

Whether you prefer classic or ultra mesh pool fences, their cost, versatility, durability, and convenience make them a one of a kind product for every family.

Glass Panel Fencing

One of the most durable swimming pool fence types, glass panel fencing is made from tempered glass. Many people prefer this particular fence because their transparency creates a modern look that doesn’t obstruct the view or appeal of the pool area.

While they are definitely beautiful, glass fencing is difficult to keep clean and are generally more expensive than other swimming pool fence types. Glass pool fences can cost up to 25 times more than mesh pool fences.

Vertical Bar Fencing

Vertical bar fencing is one of the most versatile swimming pool fence types in regard to the materials they’re made of. This fencing type can be made from wrought iron, vinyl, wood, or aluminum depending on your needs. Wrought iron, for example, doesn’t obstruct the entire pool view; however, they tend to rust after a long period of time, making maintenance more difficult.

Wood fences, on the other hand, are one of the more customizable. They come in various colors and woods and may or may not create a significant vision barrier depending on the design.

Choosing a Pool Fence Type

With so many pool fence types available, narrowing down the perfect one for your home can be difficult. It’s best to call a professional who can make an insightful recommendation.

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