A Guide on Choosing Top Pool Fences Glass Pool Fences



Top Pool Fences

A Guide on Choosing Top Pool Fences Glass Pool Fences

Glass pool fences are considered to be arguably the best pool fencing options available today. There are obvious reasons for choosing glass panels. If you are going to upgrade your current pool fencing or install new fence, this guide will help you make the right choice for the Top Pool Fences.

Why Glass Pool Fences?

Here are the main reasons why you would also want to choose one of the Top Pool Fences for your home:

  • Aesthetics – Glass panels give a more contemporary look to your swimming pool area.
  • More Safety – Glass allows easy visibility around the pool. You can keep an eye on the pool and anyone who is in it. Besides, children will not be able to climb glass fencing.
  • Appearance of More Space – Another advantage of using these Top Pool Fences is that they help create a look of larger space around your pool.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Glass panels don’t need much maintenance like their metal or wooden counterparts. Wood fencing can rot over time and metal fence can easily rust if they are not maintained on a regular basis. Glass panels don’t need anything more than simple cleaning once in a while.
  • Highly Durable – Glass panels used for making Top Pool Fences are toughened and have the right thickness for optimal durability. It cannot be broken under normal circumstances. The glass is also durable enough to withstand all types of bad weather.

Choosing the Right Glass Pool Fence

There are a few important factors to be considered when choosing the right glass pool fence for your home.

  • Glass Thickness – Most glass fences used in homes are 6mm – 12mm in thickness
  • Frameless glass panels must be 12mm in thickness
  • Semi-frameless glass panels must be 10mm in thickness

Thickness is one of the most important factors in choosing these Top Pool Fences. You can certainly find them in thicknesses of 6mm to 8mm, but it is always recommended to use thicker panels. Thicker panels are capable of withstanding even an individual falling onto the panel with a strong force. Besides, you must keep in mind that your pool fence also needs to withstand heavy winds. The thicker the panels are the more reliable the fence is going to be.

Height & Width

Make sure to choose Top Pool Fences which are at least 4 feet in height. Check your local building code to see what the minimum required height is. When it comes to width, the panels will typically have the following measurements:

  • Semi-frameless fencing is usually 1,600mm to 1,800mm wide
  • Frameless glass panels are mostly 1,800mm to 1,900mm wide.

Frameless Glass Fences & Spigot Type

There are different types of spigots for these Top Pool Fences. If you are going to use compression spigots, make sure that the glass panels are pre-drilled with mounting holes. Relatively cheaper spigots are based on friction. They make use of grub screws for ensuring that the glass remains clamped down.

So make sure to consider all these points when choosing glass pool fences for your home.

Top Pool Fences

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