How An Automatic Pool Cover Saves Money On Water And Heating Costs


An automatic pool cover not only keeps debris from your pool so that you can enjoy a swim in an uncontaminated environment, but it serves as a safety feature that can help prevent people from accidentally falling into the pool. The convenience that an automatic pool cover provides makes it an ideal choice for your swimming pool at home. Learn how an automatic pool cover can save you money with your swimming pool’s water and heating costs.

How An Automatic Pool Cover Saves On Water And Heating Costs

The automatic pool cover’s sturdy buildup also ensures longevity in its function. These types of covers come in a variety of options. For instance, a remote controlled pool cover allows you to control or adjust the pool cover at the mere press of a button. That way, you can get to the more important business of swimming. This eliminates the prospect of having to manually retract or tie down the pool cover whenever the urge to take a dip strikes you, which can be time consuming and taxing.

Saves Money On Water And Energy Costs

An automatic pool cover prevents heat and water loss from the pool, thereby conserving energy and resources. Generally, a heated pool loses heat through evaporation, which also translates to water loss. When the pool does not have a cover when it’s not in use, it ends up losing heat in form of water vapor, meaning you have to reheat the pool in order to use it later. This may cause you to run your pool heater on a continual basis, just to keep up with the heat loss in the pool. That, coupled with the need to restore the water level in the pool can translate to high maintenance costs for the pool owner.

An automatic pool cover can save you money and resources.
An automatic pool cover can save you money and resources.

The automatic pool cover does its part in barricading water within the pool, thus lowering evaporation, which is a bane to water conservation and optimal pool temperature. This provides an effective way of conserving energy. When the cover is conserving heat, your pool temperature does not fluctuate drastically, meaning you can use the pool more regularly without stretching your budget just so that you can heat your pool.

Long-Term Benefits

The cost of a pool cover is a consideration to make before investing in one. An automatic pool cover may require an investment of up to $15,000 and the benefits of such an investment outweigh the costs over time because you are likely to recoup your initial cost of the pool cover in roughly two to five years.

Installing an automatic pool cover curbs evaporation and thereby, heat loss by up to 90%. Additionally, your pool-heating costs are likely to reduce drastically as you would not need to keep reheating your pool. Also, you would not need to keep replenishing your pool chemicals due to evaporation, leading to significant savings.

After factoring the savings that are you likely to accrue from the use of an automatic pool cover, it is easy to grasp why an automatic pool cover is the ideal choice for you home pool. These savings include reduced pool heating costs, significantly lower levels of heat loss, and the reduced need for a water pump to restore water levels in the pool. Therefore, if you are looking for a convenient cover that will more than make up for its cost through energy conservation and monetary savings, invest in an automatic pool cover.

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