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4 Common Types Of Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

Pool fences are required for all types of swimming pools, including both in-ground and above-ground pools. Incidences of drowning occur not only in in-ground pools, but also in above-ground pools. The choice of the right above ground pool fence can help in significantly reducing any chances of tragic accidents.

This guide gives you valuable information about the most commonly used types of above ground pool fence.

1. Wall Extenders

This type of above ground pool fence is fixed to the top of the swimming pool. It helps in increasing the height of the already tall walls of the pool.

  • This makes it even harder for anyone to clime the walls, especially children
  • It is a great choice for homes with hard-sided pools, because it is relatively inexpensive and can be easily installed

This type of fencing is not suited for all types of pools.

2. Interior Pool Fencing

This type of above ground pool fence is different from a perimeter fence, because it will surround only the pool area. It helps reduce the number of entry points, which helps in significantly increasing safety.

3. Removable Pool Fencing

You can install and remove removable pool fencing.

  • These types of above ground pool fence are more versatile and go around the pool at the ground level
  • Place them around the pool all the time when you are not using the pool
  • You can remove it when you have  a gathering or party

Thus, removable pool fences are more practical and allow you to create more space or add more safety as and when needed. Traditional removable fences were not as appealing, but the modern ones can be quite attractive and even match your pool’s looks.

4. Using Deck Railing as Fencing

This rarely happens but sometimes the deck attached to your pool can have railing which can be used as the fence. But it doesn’t work as a highly effective above ground pool fence. It is basically an obstacle. It will also be required to close access to the deck using a gate that can be closed.

Important Regulations

The above-mentioned pool fences are effective as above ground pool fence types, but you should consider your local codes and regulations before making the right choice. In order to address your needs and the laws, it may be best to combine the different types of barriers.

Whichever type of above ground pool fence you use, it is recommended to store and lock away the pool ladder for enhanced safety. This is an important safety measure for all types of pools which use ladder access. The ladder can also compromise the safety provided by any type of pool fencing.

So if you have an above-ground pool with any design, make sure to add an additional layer of safety with an above ground pool fence. Most homeowners think that such a pool provides good amount of safety in itself. But it will not harm to enhance the level of safety.

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