5 Reasons Why Mesh Pool Fences Are Better Than Other Pool Fences

Pool owners with small children should consider installing pool fences as they act as a safety barrier to unsupervised access to the swimming pool. There are various types of pool fences on the market: wrought iron, chain link, vinyl or wood, and glass. In this article, we will talk about mesh pool fences and explain five reasons why mesh pool fences is the best pool fence option compared to the others.

1. Mesh pool fences are the safest option when compared to other types of pool fences

Mesh pool fences discourage children from climbing over them, as they are very difficult to climb because there is nothing for them to put their feet on to support them over the fence. Adventuresome children can climb over a wooden pool fence and enter the pool area, which would pose a safety concern. The slats on vinyl fences can serve as braces that can prop them as they climb into the pool area. Wrought iron fences are also climbable, as they also comprise of slats, while chain link fences offer a ladder-like structure that children can easily climb over. Furthermore, alternatives such as glass pool fences can easily shatter or cause injury to children or adults. Typically, these fences are see-through, meaning the likelihood of your children running right into them is high. As a result, if they shatter, the glass shards can cause grave bodily injury.

Pool with fence and cover
A mesh pool fence offer more flexibility and durability than other types of pool fences.

2. A mesh pool fence offers flexibility as it is easily removable

The fence can be removed quickly in case a family intends to use the pool area for a party. This implies that the fences are versatile and a valuable addition to your safety needs. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to put up the fence. In comparison, wrought iron, vinyl or wood, glass and chain link pool fences are rigid or inflexible and thus cannot be removed. This poses a drawback as a pool owner cannot extend the use of the pool area.

3. Mesh pool fences do not hinder visibility into the pool unlike other fences

A pool fence should provide the added convenience of providing clear visibility into your pool area. This is critical in the event that a child sneaks into the pool area without your knowledge. While the pool fence is a deterrent, it is not a foolproof solution to your safety concerns. Vinyl or wood tends to impede visibility of your pool, thereby posing a safety threat. In case a child enters the pool area through a loose slat, the results can be calamitous. Conversely, mesh pool fences ensure you have a clear view of the pool so that you can supervise your kids constantly.

4. Mesh pool fences provide greater cost efficiency as compared to glass fences

Glass fences are risky in that they can shatter in case a child or adult runs into them. Consequently, the cost of replacing an equally expensive pool fence can be a major turn off for pool owners. Conversely, mesh pool fences do not pose such challenges. Once the fence is set up, which is usually a onetime cost, the pool owner is home and dry.

5. Mesh pool fences require less maintenance than glass pool fences

While glass may provide cosmetic value in terms of enhancing the appearance of the pool area, the difficulties in maintaining such a fence is its major downside. Further, keeping them clean is equally difficulty since they tend to attract dirt easily as compared to mesh pool fences. Conversely, mesh pool fences require minimum maintenance owing to their sturdy composition-mesh and aluminum bars to keep the fence intact. In addition, mesh pool fences do not required constant cleaning to keep them in prime condition.

These reasons provide a justification for investing in a mesh pool fence over other alternatives. It is apparent that the cost implications, versatility, safety and visibility are important aspects that enhance the functionality of such fences as deterrents and safety additions to your pool.

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