Beautiful crystal-clear swimming pools that highlight a well-landscaped yard don’t deserve to be hidden, but at the same time, every parent wants to make sure their kids are well-protected from pool accidents. See pool fence ideas by All-Safe to help you get the best of both worlds. All-Safe fences are manufactured to maintain your home’s outdoor beauty while drastically improving your loved ones’ safety.

Our fence ideas for pools are modular and adaptable to fit pools of a variety of shapes and water features. The materials and fabrication of our fencing even exceed established safety standards. Our favorite pool fence ideas will help you maintain your yard and pool with beautiful features we’ve learned and improved from our decades of experience.

All-Safe’s favorite swimming pool fence ideas:

1. Mesh Interior Pool Fence

Mesh Interior Pool Fence

A mesh pool safety fence such as this prevents children from getting directly into the pool area instead of barricading the entire backyard.

2. A-to-B Removable Mesh Pool Fence


This particular example intertwines A-to-B fences and removable mesh pool fences. The fence connects to pre-existing structures with high-quality materials to make it easy and convenient for families to open up their space while ensuring safety year-round.

3. Iron Perimeter Pool Safety Fence

Iron Perimeter Pool Safety Fence

This iron-barred fence blocks entrance to the entire yard while serving as a safety barrier to the pool itself.

Base Your Plan on Structure

Consider these pool fence ideas based on the structure of your backyard to enhance your landscape while improving safety.

Create your own fence ideas for pools and get inspired by some of All-Safe’s best tips and guidelines:

Perimeter Fence

If your pool fencing is centered around separating a section of your yard, this may be an ideal solution. Perimeter fences won’t necessarily be close to the pool, but they will definitely prevent children or pets from entering the pool area.

Interior Pool Fence

For those who want to only barricade the pool itself, an interior pool fence only blocks the immediate area outside of your pool.

A-to-B Fence

Many All-Safe customers have spent years creating the perfect backyard. Pool fence ideas should work with your life, not against it, which is why A-to-B fences are perfect for connecting pre-existing structures to create an enclosed fence around your pool.

Removable Pool Fence

Look for removable pool fence ideas for greater versatility in how you use your pool area. Removable mesh pool fences can be taken down and replaced in a matter of minutes to open up your space.

Find a Beautiful & Safe Solution

Not all pool fencing is boring. We help our customers come up with custom pool fence ideas that look great and feel secure.

Some fence ideas for pools to make safety feel like a part of the beautiful outdoors include:

Use Nature

A natural approach can make your fence fit in with the rest of your yard. Fences with lattice panels, for example, are a great way to accomplish this.

Tall Wood

If classic is more your style, one of the best fence ideas for pools is a tall wood fence. This look provides privacy and makes it feel like summer at the poolside all year round.

Iron Bars

With this fencing style, you can create a modern and attractive look by adding and connecting concrete structures.

Vinyl fence/White Wood Bar

The color white has a natural way of creating a fresh atmosphere around the pool, which makes it one of the most timeless pool fence ideas.

Glass Fence

One of the more stylish fence ideas for pools glass fences helps you keep an eye on your pool while maintaining a modern appearance.

Customize Your Plan, Perfect Your Life

You know your backyard the best. Whether you already have some great swimming pool fence ideas or you’re looking for some guidance, All-Safe can help. Schedule a free on-site consultation and receive a free quote. We’re here to help make your yard safer and more beautiful than ever before.

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