What’s New in Pool Technology

irregular backyard pool with pool lights illuminating the water

Pool technology is constantly evolving, and along with it, your options for pool safety, health, and enjoyment are progressing faster than ever. Innovation is improving your pool features, upgrading your experience, and helping you work less to do more with your backyard swimming pool. If you’re considering building a new swimming pool, have just bought a home with a pool, are ready to modernize your existing pool, or just want to know what you may have missed, we’re ready to introduce you to a wide range of new technology engineered for pool owners just like you.

Pools Have Come A Long Way

backyard pool with lighting features and waterfall
backyard pool with lighting features and waterfall

Some pool owners feel like technology has no place in their pool designs. After all, find water, add people, and swimming happens. It’s not quite that simple, however. Whether you want to consider how a heated in-ground pool in your backyard is more convenient than finding the nearest stream or to look at the way pool safety standards have evolved. Your swimming activities have already been improved by advancements in pool technology over the years through changes driven by a desire for convenience, changing construction standards, and requirements imposed by civil jurisdictions, insurance carriers, and homeowners associations.

Less Work

While you may have a lot of pool features, they often come with maintenance and upkeep that keeps them working properly. The right pool technology helps take some of that load off your shoulders, reducing the effort needed to enjoy your backyard oasis.

  • Automation – As automation creeps into everything from flipping burgers to the way your bank manages your money, it’s no surprise that it’s making an impact on your swimming pool. Automation takes the workload off of you by performing important tasks, such as cycling your pump and filter or managing the heater to have your pool ready when you are. This can be done on a set schedule, based on specific criteria being met, or when instructed to by your phone, tablet, computer, or smart device.
  • Robotic Vacuums – You may already be familiar with robot vacuums that keep your home’s floors dirt and dust-free. Robotic pool vacuums are similar in that they can manage the cleaning of the bottom of your pool. Just drop it in the water, and it happily moves wall-to-wall, navigating your entire pool to get all the nooks and crannies.
  • Continuous Chemistry Maintenance – For many pool owners, managing the chemistry of the water is one of the most daunting maintenance tasks. Pool technology has advanced along with our understanding of pool chemistry to make it easier than ever to keep your swimming pool water healthy. From smart pool monitoring systems that monitor your pool’s chemical balance to systems that feed a continuous flow of maintenance chemicals into the water, there’s a solution that lets you balance your water’s chemistry to prevent algae, keep your pool sanitary, and condition the water for the perfect hardness.

More Fun

All work and no play makes your pool a dull toy. Liven it up a bit with pool features that upgrade your swimming experience, giving you more enjoyment and supporting your favorite pool activities.

  • Premium Sound Systems – What pool party is complete without its own playlist bumping in the background? Audio pool technology gives you great sound and complete control, with systems that feature full-sized speakers and connectivity that integrates with your smart devices to stream your favorite stations, songs, and services right to your pool area.
  • Lasers and Light Shows – Pool lighting has come a long way from lights submerged under the water in the walls of the pool. New, high-efficiency LED light systems can keep your pool area well-lit while using less electricity to save you money. Floating pool lights are an economical way to add some festive illumination to any pool. Finally, your pool area can be outfitted with custom illumination, lasers, and lights connected to your sound and video systems to create a multimedia experience poolside.
  • Solar Savings – Pool technology comes with a cost, not just in initial purchases and installation fees but also in the resources required to keep your pool features operational. That’s why solar technology is so exciting in the swimming area. Solar panels can power your pool heater as well as some other accessories, making their use more cost-effective by using the free and plentiful power provided by the sun. 

Safer Swimming Pools

black mesh pool safety fence installed around a backyard pool
black mesh pool safety fence installed around a backyard pool

Over 3400 lives are lost to accidental drowning each year. That’s around ten per day, and many more are treated for non-fatal injuries at emergency rooms, hospitals, and clinics. There are various pool safety options available today to avoid an unfortunate accident at home:

  • Removable Mesh Pool Fences – Traditional pool fencing hasn’t evolved, but a removable mesh pool fence gives you a safer, more flexible barrier to keep your pool safer from unsupervised access. These fences are anchored to holes sunk into the deck and ground by strong poles with mesh material stretched between them. Secured by self-closing and self-latching gates, it’s an ASTM-compliant safety barrier that resists climbing, is low maintenance, and can be entirely removed in minutes to allow for entertaining then re-installed as soon as the festivities are over.
  • Swimming Pool Safety Covers and NetsSwimming pool safety covers and safety nets help prevent accidental drowning injuries by holding potential victims up and out of the water until they can be pulled to safety. While highly effective on their own, when installed in conjunction with a modern pool fence it creates a second layer of drowning deterrence to help protect your friends, family, and pets.
  • App-connected Alarms – Audible pool safety alarms have long been a staple of pool safety, but their effectiveness depends on a responsible swimmer being in earshot. Connected alarms can help secure entries to the pool area, whether they’re on a gate or a pool entrance that opens directly from your house. These send an alert to your connected device, but smart pool technology has opened up even more safety possibilities. Immersion alarms let you know if a person or pet enters the water without your knowledge. There are also personal immersion alarms that a child can wear on their wrist like a watch, which sends a signal to the parent via an app when moisture is detected.

Make Safety A Pool Priority

It doesn’t cost you a cent to get an estimate on modern pool fencing, covers, or safety nets. Your local installer is a pool safety expert who is passionate about protecting lives in your community. They’ll survey your swimming pool area, take measurements, and design pool safety installations that support your favorite pool activities. Find out how the latest pool fencing technology can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected. Schedule a free quote with your All-Safe Pool installation professional today.

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