Top Pool Accessories to Upgrade Your Backyard Oasis

Create a safer swimming pool that gives you more enjoyment with the top swimming pool accessories on the market. As your local pool safety equipment experts, our installers do more than just protect your friends, family, and pets from an increased risk of accidental drowning. They have the chance to see some of the coolest pool areas around, with equipment and accessories tailored to help the owner get the most from their backyard pool. Whether you like a peaceful place to float away the cares of the day or a pool that’s ready to be the summer party spot for the block, the right gear goes a long way toward helping you do more with your swimming pool.

More Than Just Pool Toys

Too often, pool owners begin and end their search for their accessories with toys. There’s nothing wrong with adding some fun toys or pool floaties, and we’ve covered some of the best pool toys on the market. When we’re talking about upgrading your pool area with the top swimming pool accessories, however, that includes the space around your pool and how you use the pool itself. The right equipment can help you create the lifestyle you want when you’re using your pool for relaxation, exercise, or to entertain company.

Upgrading Your Pool

Every pool owner will have a different path to creating the perfect swimming pool area because every owner has different needs and goals for their swimming pool. Before you begin “accessorizing” your swimming pool, take the time to reflect on a few criteria.

  • Aesthetic – What does your perfect pool look like? Aesthetic concerns include the swimming pool accessories, pool safety equipment, and landscaping that make up the tableau of your personal pool area.
  • Function – While you want your pool equipment to look good, you need it to work well at supporting your goals, also. That means buying functional pieces you can count on to do the job that’s intended. 
  • Goals – If you plan on using your pool for aquatic therapy, for example, accessories meant for partying down may not be something you need. The following list isn’t one-size-fits-all, but many of the pieces could work well in multiple royals for a range of pool ownership and usage goals.

Top Swimming Pool Accessories

Invest in Safety

It’s no surprise that pool safety equipment tops our list. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance reports that a lack of proper safety barriers is a contributing factor in the majority of drowning deaths. Pool safety barriers are not just effective protection for your loved ones, however–they are also your responsibility as a pool owner under the law in some jurisdictions or may be requirements of your insurance or HOA. Far from a single safety solution, safety barriers come in three distinct options that are each capable of creating a safer pool area on their own but, when combined, offer a layered protection that’s hard to beat.

backyard swimming pool with black mesh removable pool fence installed surrounding it
  • Removable Mesh Pool Fencing – The most modern pool safety fence on the market, removable mesh fencing uses a strong, rip-resistant mesh material between anchored metal poles to surround the boundary of your swimming pool area. The gate is both self-closing and latching to prevent accidental access, and the design prevents climbing while also allowing you to see through the material to maintain the view from your pool or keep an eye on the action from outside the pool fence to help a water watcher keep the fun under control. 
  • Swimming Pool Safety Covers – Far different than the dirt and leaf covers you may be familiar with, swimming pool safety covers anchor around the edge of the pool to create a tight, durable safety barrier that sits just above the surface of the water. Capable of supporting the weight of a full-grown adult as they’re helped to safety, it prevents water entry in the case of a slip, fall, or medical emergency around your swimming pool. 
  • Swimming Pool Safety Net – Safety nets are similar to covers in that they are anchored and installed above the surface of your pool’s water, but they have a few key differences. Rather than a single piece of rip-resistant fabric, nets are made of woven and knotted cord and twine that’s tensioned by steel springs secured by a rope poolside. They make it difficult for children or pets to move far from the edge of the pool, instead holding them above the water where it’s easier to help them to safety and nets secure well around permanent pool installations and other obstacles.

Keep Your Fun Clean (and Healthy)

“I love pool cleaning and maintenance,” said almost no pool owner, ever. Even if you find some aspects of taking care of your pool rewarding, it’s unlikely skimming, vacuuming, and upping your water-treatment game were the primary reasons you became a pool owner. Unchecked, your pool can become a breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and other contaminants, none of which you want to swim in. That doesn’t mean your pool has to turn into a second job, however. 

Aiper cordless pool cleaning system

Just as smart, connected, and semi-autonomous devices have begun to take root in the American home, they can help you keep your swimming pool cleaner and healthier. Aiper is well-known for its state-of-the-art pool cleaning systems that glide along the bottom of the pool, vacuuming and polishing the surface to keep it free of dirt and debris. 

Heaters, filters, and pool safety alarms are increasingly offered with connectivity options that put control in the palm of your hand through your smart device. Finally, automatic water treatment systems are designed to let you fill your treatment device with chemicals that are slowly released over a set time period to help set and maintain your pool’s chemistry at the perfect levels.

Resting, Relaxing, and Recharging

Poolside furniture is designed to fulfill a variety of roles so every pool owner can find the right swimming pool accessories to fit their lifestyle. Are you planning on entertaining guests who will need seats to watch the kids from or tables to hold drinks? Catching some rays alone by your pool? Maybe you’re planning a romantic poolside night under the stars. There’s pool furniture for that.

backyard poolside tiki hut with outdoor furniture

Polywood offers an array of poolside furniture options that feature traditional design elements that look good in a variety of pool settings made with innovative materials meant to stand up to the elements. If you need a little more lounge space to curl up with a good book or spread out for a good night’s sleep, the Devaise Day Bed has more than enough cushioned comfort to share. The important thing is that you focus on furniture that’s functional for your individual usage needs. 

Fuel Your Fun

No pool party is complete without food and drink to keep your guests hydrated and ease their hunger. Even if you don’t entertain at your pool, having the right refreshments available after exercise, while tanning, or to restore your energy after aquatic therapy can be a game changer. Patio cooking, cooling, and kitchen equipment are all becoming increasingly popular additions to the modern swimming pool area. 

When it comes to grilling up meats and veggies, you can’t go wrong with a Big Green Egg. Designed to improve airflow efficiency for a fast-heating grill with precision temperature controls, multiple sizes are available to fit your cooking needs. Meanwhile, the Permasteel Classic 80 Qt. Cooler lends a retro-chic appearance to your poolside beverages. There’s plenty of space for cold drinks, or use it to keep the next round of grill items ready to go next to your Egg.

Keeping Safety in Mind

As you add the top swimming pool accessories to your backyard oasis’s setup, don’t forget to maintain a safe pool area. Keep all furniture away from your removable mesh pool fence to prevent them from becoming an aid to climbing into or out of the pool area. Children should never be allowed to play around the grill or in the pool area itself without supervision. When selecting beverages, keep glass objects away from your pool area to prevent accidents that can lead to cuts. Finally, always keep your pool safety equipment, like rescue flotation devices and a first aid kit, clearly visible and marked for easy location in the event of an emergency.

Make Your Pool All-Safe

There’s no cost to take the first step toward a safer swimming pool area. Your local installer will schedule a visit to take measurements, talk to you about your pool needs, and create a tailored estimate that helps you understand your pool protection options and how cost-effective safety can be. Protect your loved ones. Request your free quote from an independent All-Safe Pool installer today.

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