Swimming Pool Covers In Los Angeles Can Help With The Drought

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Summers in Los Angeles can be extremely sultry. During such a season, most people would relish the cooling effect of a mid-afternoon swim, especially when the clear robin-blue skies above provide zero cover against the scorching sun’s rays. Swimming pool covers in Los Angeles are critical in averting water loss from the pool and conserving the scarce resource during an extended drought.

Various factors can increase water loss from your home pool. For instance, splashing water while swimming or lower humidity levels lead to water loss. Also, when the surrounding air is hot, or the environment is windy, water loss through evaporation becomes unavoidable. The sun also tends to have a heating effect on the pool, thereby raising its temperature and as a result, exposing the pool to water loss. Replenishing the water in an outdoor pool, especially a big one can be costly for the pool owner.

Blue Mesh Pool Cover
Pool covers in Los Angeles can help homeowners address the drought situation.

Did you know that during a drought, your pool loses up to 30% of its water to evaporation? When this happens for about a week while the pool is not in use, you might end up with an empty pool. Therefore, the importance of pool covers in Los Angeles cannot be overstated. Whether you own an outdoor or indoor pool, investing in a pool cover is integral to limiting water loss. The fact is, when water evaporates, so do your pool chemicals. Thus, a pool cover can save you the expense of having to make-up for the deficits in your pool.

On a typical 5-day workweek, most pool owners prefer an evening swim before settling in for the night. Consequently, they would fire up their pool heaters. When the pool area requiring heating is large, the pool heater would have to run for longer. This translates to high use of gas and electricity, resulting in higher expenses. To save on these costs, consider installing a pool cover. The resources that you can save as a result are immense: water, pool chemicals, time, and reduced need to reheat the pool. Thus, pool covers offer a cost-effective solution to your energy saving needs.

By serving as an insulating agent, pool covers keep vapor within the pool. The insulating properties of pool covers are the single most effective ways of scaling down on pool reheating costs and minimizing water loss through evaporation and radiation. Therefore, by insulating the pool, pool covers negate the need to keep reheating your pool prior to every nightly use.

In a drought-ridden state characterized by a high population that needs water on a daily basis, installing a pool cover is a worthy investment. Everyone needs to access water, despite its scarcity. When you can address your personal recreational needs and at the same time save on resources, your input can have a trickle-down effect on other people. A wide selection of sturdy and durable pool covers in Los Angeles are available for your pool needs. Invest in one today, and reap the cost benefits attributable to using a pool cover for your pool. Contact a local All-Safe dealer to get a free estimate on pool covers in Los Angeles.

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