Pool Fence Installation in Las Vegas

Mesh safety fence for a swimming pool

Your local pool safety expert is ready to help you with pool fence installation in Las Vegas or to tailor a second layer of protection for your family in the form of pool safety covers and nets that help prevent accidental drownings. Las Vegas sees a lot of heat, and swimming pools are popular ways to beat the desert sun by retreating to your watery oasis to relax, exercise, or entertain your friends. Owning a pool comes with responsibilities. One of those is making sure it complies with requirements that set the pool safety standards in Las Vegas, including a pool fence that protects it from unsupervised access by children.

Why There Are Las Vegas Pool Fencing Requirements

Las Vegas pool fence installation standards are set primarily by the Southern Nevada Amendments to the 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC). Enacted by the counties of southern Nevada, it comprises a group of suggested standards meant to create safer swimming pools. Many southern Nevada municipalities have since codified them into building requirements, as well as many homeowners associations and insurance carriers, who adopt them as a baseline standard. Because these amendments are not uniformly adopted, however, you should always check with your local building code or planning department to verify if they follow them or have opted for a higher standard of protection.

The ISPSC was created by an international coalition of builders, commercial swimming pool operators, and designers to create a uniform standard for their industry. The Southern Nevada Amendments are intended to broaden these recommendations to suit not only commercial swimming pools but private, personal-owned swimming pools. The municipalities that adopt these requirements into code are doing their part to help prevent the thousands of deaths caused by accidental drownings annually. With a lack of adequate safety barriers cited as a contributing cause in the majority of drownings, professional Las Vegas pool fence installation offers your friends, family, and pets direct protection that keeps them out of harm’s way.

Las Vegas Pool Fence Standards

You have plenty of pool fencing options in Las Vegas, but not all pool fence is created equal. Whether you’re planning a safety fence for a new build or upgrading your safety by replacing an older fence that doesn’t meet current safety standards, your local pool fence code is your guide to preventing unsupervised pool access. 

White customizable pool fence
White customizable pool fence
  • A Minimum Height Of 48” – Your pool fence should be at least four feet tall as measured from the ground outside the fence to its top. This makes it harder for smaller climbers to get over the fence. 
  • Climb-Resistant Materials – Your fence’s fabric must be in good repair to ensure it restricts entry and climbing. Mech pool fencing does not have any indentations or protrusions that allow for easier climbing.
  • No Going Under – The bottom of the fence must be constructed with a gap no more than an inch tall from the grade to the bottom of the fence. It also can not allow a lift of the material greater than four inches while installed. This prevents both determined children and smaller pets from pushing their way under the fence to get into the pool area. 
  • Poles and Gaps – The mesh panels must be solidly attached to support structures at no less than 45” of height, whether it be to their support poles or existing structures in the pool area, such as a wall or permanent fence.
  • Self-Closing, Self-Latching Gates – All entrances must be designed to close and latch themselves, securing your pool area from gates left unattended. Professional Las Vegas pool fence installation helps ensure gates are hung correctly to swing shut freely on their own.
  • Non-Conductive Sleeves – The sleeves for the pool fence poles that are sunk into the deck or surrounding grade must be made of a non-conductive material. This helps prevent electrical hazards in and around your pool area. 

Your Las Vegas Swimming Pool Fence Safety Experts

Tall black removable pool safety fence
Tall black removable pool safety fence

In Las Vegas, your local pool fencing specialist is Aqua-Safe Unlimited. For almost three decades, they’ve been protecting families in and around Southern Nevada with professional pool fencing, swimming pool safety covers, and a dedication to protecting their local friends and neighbors. From partnering with the Clark County Safe Kids Coalition to providing tailored pool safety solutions that protect your pool while preserving your property’s beauty. 

  • Removable Mesh Pool FenceMesh pool fencing is the modern answer to a safer swimming pool. Easy to care for, weather-resistant, and easily removable for larger parties or gatherings, it’s the flexible fencing solution for pool owners that want more safety and utility for their swimming pool.
  • Pool Safety NetsAnchored to your deck and tensioned by springs, safety nets prevent access to your pool and hold potential drowning victims up and out of the water until they can be pulled to safety.
  • Swimming Pool Safety CoversSafety covers use a strong, tear-resistant fabric and deck anchors to secure access to your pool’s surface. Strong enough to hold the weight of a full-grown adult, they are one of the best pool safety barriers available.

Getting Started On A Safer Pool For Free

When you schedule a free consultation with your local All-Safe Pool installer, you’re taking the first step toward better protection for your friends, family, and loved ones. They’ll set a time to take measurements, talk to you about your pool needs, and give you a no-obligation written estimate that shows you how cost-effective a safer pool can be. Get the peace of mind that comes with protecting your loved ones. Contact your All-Safe Pool installer, Aqua-Safe Unlimited, for your Las Vegas pool fence installation quote today.

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