Pool Covers: Reasons to Get One and Choosing the Right Type

In the process of shopping for pool covers, there are a number of essential factors you must put into consideration. Primarily, it lies in the purpose you have for it, the kind and size of your pool, and sure enough, the type of pool cover that suits your pool best. Outlined below are solid reasons to cover your pool which defines its importance, how to choose the right cover, and the different types available to you.

“How To Choose the Right Pool Covers” All-Safe

Why You Must Cover Your Pool

Investing in pool covers provide many benefits to homeowners, such as:

  • An automatic pool cover helps impedes or stops evaporation to preserve water and conserve energy, thus saving you money on heating bills. Also, retaining the heat to keep your pool warm allows you to swim at night or in cooler weather
  • Pool covers, such as a leaf pool cover, keeps out leaves, twigs, debris from falling into your pool. Save yourself from extensive time and efforts cleaning a pool stuffed with various objects which can take all day
  • Delight in a swimming pool that requires generally less maintenance
  • Have peace of mind that family, friends, guests- everyone including yourself, can splash into the clean waters of the pool anytime
Closed Pool Safety Cover
Investing in pool covers provide many benefits to homeowners.

Choosing The Right Pool Cover

There are various pool covers available today and it is not an easy task to simply pick one to use on your pool, whether you have an oval, round, in-ground type. To start with, it’s best to limit your search only within the finest made pool covers by a reputable pool cover company. This cannot be highlighted more, for all time and efforts you put into it would definitely not go to waste. More so, getting a high-quality pool cover is a wise investment which not only gives you good value for your money, but provides utmost care for your pool and grants you priceless peace of mind. Here are the different types of pool covers each presenting its main use and tailored to your specific need:

Mesh Pool Covers – This type of pool cover provides both safety and maintenance benefits and is made of woven mesh material, which is held securely in place by straps and springs and anchors. Mesh pool covers are the recommended option if you are looking for a year round pool cover that keeps out debris while also providing a strong, safe pool cover to keep toddlers and pets safe around the pool.

Fine Mesh Pool Safety Cover
Mesh pool covers provides both safety and maintenance benefits.

Leaf Pool Covers – As the name implies, this type of pool cover made out of super strong knitted polyethylene material that keeps out debris such as leaves from your swimming pool. It is important to note that leaf covers are not designed to act as a safety cover and is strictly for the purpose of pool maintenance.

Leaf Pool Cover with Safety Net
Leaf pool covers keeps out debris such as leaves from your swimming pool.

Automatic Pool Covers – The automatic pool cover is the most convenient cover and provides safety, debris protection, reduced maintenance and heating cost savings. It is electronically operated by a mere turn of a key, making it quite convenient and ideal for safety and easy maintenance. However, it requires a level deck since it runs on a parallel track system, hence it won’t be feasible for all pools.

Automatic pool covers provide safety, debris protection, reduced maintenance and heating cost savings.

Hard Pool Covers – Converts a portion of your pool or its entirety into an entertainment area, with apple strength to support weight of a group of people. Use it for dancing, mingling, seating, dining, or show off a grand display.

Evaporation Covers – A few options include Bubble Blankets and Solar Sun Rings, which  float on top of the water and in no way a safety barrier. Automatic Covers also fall under this type, and these are all designed to assist in reducing water evaporation.

With all these factors regarded beforehand, it is highly recommended to use a pool safety company, such as All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers that is committed to providing pool covers with your best interest in mind and your family’s safety a priority, you will surely find one that perfectly fits your pool, your goal, and your budget with great ease.

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