Perks of Owning a Removable Pool Fence

black mesh pool fence installed on irregular shaped backyard pool

A removable pool fence can help you improve your pool’s safety, protect your loved ones, and give you maximum flexibility when using your pool area. That’s why modern mesh fencing is fast eclipsing more traditional fence options as the go-to swimming pool safety barrier. Whether you are just trying to meet swimming pool fence code requirements or feel it’s the safest choice on the market, mesh fence comes with some pretty big perks anyone can appreciate.

Removable Mesh Pool Fence

Removable doesn’t mean weak. Mesh pool fencing is engineered to be as durable and reliable as traditional pool fencing, and it starts with the poles–strong tubes designed with internal structural support–that are anchored in sleeves embedded in the deck or ground. Between these poles, a UV and rip-resistant mesh material is stretched taut, creating a smooth appearance that doesn’t allow easy handholds for climbing or the slack that would allow a small body to push under a mesh panel. The gate swings easily but has a self-closing and self-latching mechanism to prevent accidental access, and it can even be fitted with an alarm for increased protection.

The Reasons For Pool Fencing

toddler leaning against a mesh pool fence
Toddler leaning against a mesh pool fence

Under state swimming pool fence code, local ordinances, homeowners association rules, or requirements from an insurance carrier, most pool owners find themselves compelled to protect their pool with barrier safety equipment. For most pool owners, a good pool fence is the best choice for compliance. ASTM-certified fencing meets or exceeds these guidelines when professionally installed and conscientiously maintained. A removable mesh pool fence gets the job done reliably.

The other primary reason pool owners look for pool fencing, even if their situation doesn’t require them to do so, is out of a sense of concern for their loved ones and a desire to honor their responsibility as a pool owner. The majority of the 3400 deaths caused annually by drowning were contributed to by a lack of appropriate safety barriers around water. When you install a mesh safety fence around your pool you are actively working to prevent an avoidable tragedy on your property. 

The Perks Of Choosing Mesh Fencing

We’ve talked in our blog before about pool fence types, and each one brings something different to the table. Removable mesh pool fencing, though, has them all trumped, with a blend of features that pool owners love.

Gets Out Of Your Way

woman rolling up a black mesh pool fence to be stored away
Woman rolling up a black mesh pool fence to be stored away

One of the main benefits of this type of fencing is that–while it complies with swimming pool fence codes–it is completely removable when needed. Want more space for lounge chairs when friends come over to sun? Need space for a dozen of your kid’s classmates and their parents? Done and done. As long as a responsible party is there for supervision, your fence can be taken down and moved completely out of the way. Once the fun is over and it’s time to close up the pool, just reinstall it in the anchor holes and you’re protected once again.

Easy To Adapt To The Pool Area

A removable pool fence works well in almost any pool area. It can be anchored to existing structures, worked around features, and protect not just your pool but also the installed fixtures and accessories within its perimeter. It can even provide a safety barrier to unusual or oddly shaped pools that can’t accept some pool safety covers. Unlike traditional fencing options which require permanent anchoring, there are no cement or concrete structures to break, dig up, or move if you decide to expand your pool area. While you will likely need a professional to run a new fence, you avoid the demolition and cleanup costs a non-removable fence requires.

Preserves Your View

Installed removable mesh pool fence showing unobstructed pool view
Installed removable mesh pool fence showing unobstructed pool view

You worked hard for your home, and you deserve to appreciate its beauty and the beauty of your backyard. Mesh pool fencing offers security without completely blocking out the world that’s beyond a few feet from your pool’s edge. When you remove your pool fencing, the area looks virtually untouched, as the pole anchors are designed to unobtrusively sit out of sight and out of mind.

Great For Pets

Pets can represent unique fencing challenges. They’re curious, agile, and don’t always understand why an area is fenced off or that the sounds of a screaming child they can’t see are fun and not distress. The rip-resistant mesh material of a removable pool fence, properly tensioned, provides little purchase for small teeth or claws, and the minimal gaps are narrow enough to keep even small breeds out. Meanwhile, you can easily see bad behavior on the other side of the fence from the pool, and they, in turn, can better see that their family is playing happily. When you’re ready for them to join in, they can be granted access by a responsible party, the same as anyone else, or the fence can be taken down and moved out of their way. 


One of the biggest perks for pool owners who choose a mesh swimming pool fence to meet code on their property is the money it leaves in their pocket. A removable pool fence is comparable to other so-called “budget” fence options while coming in at only a fraction of the cost compared to expensive glass or stone fencing. It’s easy to maintain, with no special chemical treatments or equipment necessary, and when needed, replacement parts are readily available to get your fence repaired fast. 

Find Out If Removable Mesh Fence Is Right For Your Pool

Getting solid information on how a mesh fence would work with your pool is easy. Find your local All-Safe Pool professional and schedule a no-cost, no-obligation estimate. Our local safety pros will set up a time to talk to you about your pool activities, take a look at your pool area, and get some accurate measurements. Once done, they’ll develop a custom safety plan for your pool with a free quote that gives you the details you need to make an informed decision about pool safety.

Because you’re working with a local contractor, you’ll have a dedicated team that understands the swimming pool code in your area, how to help you meet it, and is right there every step of the way. Take the first step toward a safer pool for your friends, family, and pets. Request your free quote from an All-Safe Pool installer today.

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