All-Safe Frequently Asked Questions and Answers







How do I find the right safety solution for my pool?

The pathway to a safer pool starts with a free consultation and quote by a local independent dealer. They will send an expert to your home who will work with you to determine the best option and quote for the price. Start here to find your local dealer.

Are All-Safe products compatible with irregular pool shapes & features?

All-Safe pool fences, covers, and nets are custom made for the shape of your pool. They can accommodate irregular shapes while adapting to stairways and other features. These aspects may moderately increase the cost or time of manufacture and installation.

Automatic pool covers are an exception. Few pools are built to support the function of an automatic pool cover. A dealer will be able to help you determine if your pool is compatible with an automatic cover, and any relevant modifications your pool would need.

How long will my fence, net, or cover last?

All-Safe products are made from exceptionally high-quality materials. If well-treated, they can last many years.

  • “Ultra” style pool fencing come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • “5mm” pool nets come with a limited 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Mesh pool covers come with a limited 12-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Consult your local dealer for details on your automatic pool cover warranty


What is an All-Safe pool fence?

All-Safe pool fencing is a removable barrier designed to help keep your children safe in the swimming pool area. The fence is made of a strong, durable, transparent mesh fabric with sturdy aircraft grade, aluminum poles. The poles are inserted into small holes drilled into your pool deck and the fence is held in place by tension. The fence provides a dependable, convenient, aesthetically pleasing layer of safety around your pool or spa.

Are All-Safe pool fences easy to set up and take down?

Yes; when not in use, the mesh pool fence is fully removable and can be rolled up for easy storage.

How safe is All-Safe mesh pool fencing?

All-Safe has been manufacturing and installing pool fences for over 25 years with a perfect safety record of zero reported drownings. Our fencing is commonly approved by foster care, daycare, and adoption agencies as a primary pool safety device. All major drowning prevention and swimming pool safety agencies recommend removable pool fencing as a key layer of protection. Our high-quality materials and meticulous installation practices exceed nationally recognized standards for pool fencing.

The transparent mesh allows for a clear view of the pool area, a critical safety factor. The mesh is extremely strong and durable and the poles are designed to prevent breakage. Self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable gates allow adults convenient access but provide a security measure to prevent children from entering the pool area.

Can a child climb over the pool fence?

The mesh fabric is very climb-resistant. Small children cannot get a foothold like they might with chain link or wrought iron fencing.

What is the cost of a safety pool fence?

The average cost to secure a pool is typically between $1500 and $2500 dollars. The price will vary depending on the type of product selected, the layout desired, the materials and the time required to complete the installation. Your local pool safety professional will provide a free on-site quote, and help you determine the best way to keep your family safe while maintaining the use and enjoyment of your backyard.

Are there other types of pool fencing?

There are several types of pool fencing available on the market, but very few are designed specifically for pool safety. Perimeter fences are most commonly used to follow the property line of your home, keeping people outside of your property and away from your pool. Isolation fences, such as mesh fencing, are used to separate your home from the pool or spa area.

  • Wrought iron fencing is sometimes used as a safety barrier. This type of fence is climbable, obstructs the look of the pool area, rusts over time, and can be difficult to remove.
  • Glass fencing offers pleasant transparency for pool areas. However, glass fencing is very difficult to keep clean, isn’t removable, and can be extremely expensive.
  • Chain link fencing is quite obstructive to the view of the pool and is usually considered to be a construction fence. It is very climbable since the diamond-shaped openings act as steps for children to use to easily get over the fence and gain pool access.
  • Wood fencing is not transparent and does not allow a clear view of the pool. For safety reasons, this is a huge drawback. It also obstructs your view of the natural beauty of your pool and yard area.

Removable mesh fencing is the clear choice for providing peace of mind to responsible pool owners.

How do I purchase a mesh pool fence?

The first step in purchasing an All-Safe pool fence is to get in touch with a local independent dealer. Simply fill out the “Free Quote” form located here or at the bottom of this page in the footer section. The form will use your zip code to locate a dealer near you and provide a phone number for you to call.

The independent dealer will schedule a time to visit your home and provide you with a free no-obligation pool fence price quote. When you are ready to move forward, you can schedule an installation directly with your local dealer.

What can I expect on the day of installation?

The majority of pool fence installations are usually completed in just one day. Larger, more complicated jobs could take two or even three days to finish. On the morning of your installation, you will meet with your technician to review and approve the final layout.

The technician or crew will begin by drilling small holes into the deck using a rotary hammer drill or water cooled, diamond tipped core drill. In either case, we will need access to water and electricity.

You do not need to be present for the entire installation process. However, it is important that you are available at the end of the installation so we can provide a demonstration showing you how to use your new layer of safety.


What is an All-Safe pool safety net?

An All-Safe pool net is a special type of cover designed specifically for the safety of young children. The netting material is made of strong polyethylene twine that is machine tied into 3½ inch squares. A child cannot crawl under it, or fall through it. It meets or exceeds all minimum requirements of the nationally recognized ASTM standard for pool safety covers.

Unlike most traditional pool covers, a safety net allows you a clear view of your pool water. This secure layer of safety has a low profile, thus preserving the aesthetics of your backyard. When it’s time to enjoy your pool, you simply roll the pool net onto a roller and set it aside.

How safe is All-Safe pool netting?

Pool safety nets have been used around the world for over 30 years with an impressive safety record. There has never been a reported drowning with a pool net properly in place. Pool nets create a physical barrier between the water and your child, which keeps the child suspended above the water. A child’s arms or legs may go through the openings, but their heads are too large to fit through the mesh squares. It is important that the safety net is placed back over the swimming pool after each use.

Why choose an All-Safe pool net?

We use the very best materials available; including UV resistant virgin polyethylene netting, marine grade brass anchors, machine stamped stainless steel clips, and solid braided polyester rope for the tensioning device.

All-Safe pool safety nets have been laboratory tested to comply with nationally recognized ASTM standard for swimming pool safety covers.

All-Safe offers the largest selection of pool safety netting material in the industry. There are multiple color options, various anchor styles, tensioning choices and material thicknesses. All-Safe is the only company to offer the Titan Tool and the Round Loop Tool which make it easy to install or remove your net in a matter of minutes.

What is the cost of a pool safety net?

The average range for a medium sized pool net is $1,000 to $2,500. The size, shape, and complexity of your pool or spa can affect the cost. Your choices in netting material, anchors, tensioning systems, and rollers can also impact the price. The onsite quote you receive will include all materials and installation.

How do I purchase a pool net?

If you are considering the purchase of a pool safety net, start by contacting your local independent dealer. Just fill out the “Free Quote” form here or at the bottom of this page. The form will use your zip code to locate a professional dealer near you with a phone number for you to call.

The independent dealer will be happy to provide you with a free quote. When you have made your decision, you can schedule an installation date directly with your local dealer.

What can I expect on the day of installation?

Pool safety net installations are typically completed in less than one day. You will meet with your technician prior to work beginning. After a final review and your approval, small holes about the size of a penny will be drilled into your deck approximately two to three feet apart. Anchors will be placed in the holes. The pool net material is stretched across the water, cut to the exact shape of your pool and the perimeter gets double wrapped. Your net is custom sized on-site.

You are welcome to leave while the crew continues the installation but will need to be present when installation is finished so the crew can demonstrate how to properly remove and replace your new pool safety net.


Which pool cover is right for me?

Every All-Safe pool cover option will be specifically customized to your pool, spa or water feature. What cover is right for you depends on your needs, the size and shape of your pool, your budget, and how accessible you want your pool, spa or water feature to be.

Which pool covers provide safety for my kids?

A pool cover must be ASTM compliant to be considered a safety cover. ASTM compliant means that the materials and the method of installation have been tested and approved by an independent ASTM certified lab to meet national safety standards.
All-Safe offers three types of ASTM compliant covers:

  • Pool safety net: A lightweight, easy to use, ASTM compliant safety cover through which the pool water can be seen. It provides an excellent layer of safety on pools and spas of almost any shape and size.
  • Winter pool cover: A tightly woven, ASTM compliant mesh cover used primarily to reduce maintenance or to close down the pool in the offseason. While this type of cover is very safe, it is heavy and cannot be quickly or easily removed for frequent pool usage.
  • Automatic pool cover: An easy to use, motorized, ASTM compliant cover designed for both safety and maintenance. Suitable for use on rectangular or simply shaped pools with a deck free of elevation changes. Most pools are not designed to accommodate an automatic cover.

Which pool covers keep out debris and/or reduce maintenance?

All-Safe offers four cover options that will help keep dirt, leaves, and debris out of your pool and reduce cleaning maintenance:

  • Pool safety net with leaf cover: This is an option where a lightweight mesh style custom leaf cover is used together with your safety net. This combination will provide safety while keeping the majority of leaves and debris out of your pool or spa.
  • Leaf pool cover without a safety net: This is a lightweight mesh style pool cover option designed to keep out leaves and debris. It does not provide ASTM compliant safety.
  • Winter pool cover: Winter pool covers can be used to winterize your pool in colder climates. A winter pool cover is an ASTM compliant safety cover that will keep most debris out of the pool. These covers are not a good option for someone who still wants access to their pool or spa on a frequent basis.
  • Automatic pool cover: Automatic pool covers will keep most dust and debris out of your pool. It will also reduce evaporation, help retain heat and cut chemical costs. These are the easiest covers to use as they open and close with the turn of a key. They are, however, they the most expensive and will not fit on all pools.

Which pool cover will help with heating costs?

The automatic pool cover is the only pool cover carried by All-Safe that will help with pool heating. An automatic pool cover is a solid non-transparent pool cover so solar rays do not go through to raise the temperature more than few degrees. But once the pool is heated, the automatic pool cover will do a great job of keeping the heat in. If you want to keep your pool at a comfortable swimmable temperature year-round, the automatic pool cover will more than pay for itself.

One of the most common requests we get is for a cover that will use the sun to heat their pool. There is a cover that can do this, traditionally known as a “bubble cover”. These covers are not safety covers and can actually be a safety hazard if someone were to fall on it when the cover is still on the water. For this reason, All-Safe does not offer solar bubble covers.

Is there a hard pool cover or a pool cover I can walk on?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, there is not a hard or solid safety cover that is designed to be walked or played on. However, ASTM compliant pool covers are tested to hold 485 pounds of weight without breaking. If it is necessary to walk on the cover, in the case of an emergency or to retrieve a child or pet, the covers will support the weight. That is not to say it will hold 485 pounds entirely above water. With enough weight placed on the cover, you may get your feet wet. If it becomes normal practice to walk across your pool cover, it will reduce the life of the pool cover and jeopardize its integrity.

Will pool covers allow me to shut down or empty my pool?

Although All-Safe does install covers on empty pools, all ASTM testing is done with water in the pool. The water provides buoyancy that helps hold the weight of the cover and whatever is on top of the cover. So when any ASTM compliant pool cover is installed on a pool without water it will require a liability release and can have an effect on the warranty.

With the exception of the net, All-Safe pool covers will allow you to cover a pool that is not being used to keep a large majority of the debris out. They will still allow access to check and adjust chemicals and add or pump water out as needed.


What kinds of pool alarms are available from All-Safe?

All-Safe offers a variety of pool, door and gate alarms. When alarms are used alone or in conjunction with a Pool Fence, Safety Net or Pool Cover, they provide additional layers of security & safety. Many pool alarms are also available to safely secure any above-ground or in-ground pool. Our Poolguard® Door Alarms are UL Listed, meet all building codes & are ASTM (F2208-02) approved. Poolguard® Door Alarms come with optional immediate or delayed alerts.

All Pool Alarms we offer are available for direct purchase exclusively through our online store and shipped from our Southern California warehouse. Please visit to place your order or view pricing.