5 Types of Cheap Pool Covers for Your Home

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Your pool has to endure all types of seasons and weather, and its cover should, too. During summer, a pool cover helps keep out debris and leaves, as well as evaporation. When winter hits, you can relax indoors knowing that your pool cover will protect your backyard beauty when it’s not in use.

There are plenty of cheap pool cover options available to fit your needs. Here we’ll show you some of our customers’ favorite options and why choosing them can bring you an overall cost-savings.

Mesh Pool Covers

Investing in a cheap swimming pool cover doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a safe one. Safety pool covers can support weight and are great for homes that have pets or children. These year-round covers, also called mesh pool covers, are made of strong and durable mesh material to keep out debris. They attach to the pool deck, using tension to support weight while preventing fall-ins or unsupervised swimming.

Mesh pool covers from All-Safe come with a 12-year limited warranty, one of the best in the business. While they may be cost comparable to other cover types in initial expense, they have a far lower cost in the long run considering it’s average lifespan.

Leaf Covers

One of the most basic types of cheap pool covers are leaf covers. These covers are relatively inexpensive and perfect for keeping out leaves and debris. Leaf nets are often used along with pool nets to act as a safety cover system.

Solar Pool Covers

These eco-friendly options are considered cheap pool covers because of their ability to reduce pool heating costs substantially. They use the energy from sunlight to heat your swimming pool, floating freely on the water surface to help the pool season run longer than the summer months. Some of the many benefits of solar pool covers include:

  • Raising the pool temperature
  • Reducing water evaporation by nearly 99% to save water costs
  • Blocking dirt and debris from infiltrating your pool
  • Lightweight material that’s easy to use

Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal pool covers work as great pool blankets. The insulating foam material acts as a cheap swimming pool cover to help pool owners save money in numerous ways, including:

  • Blocking sunlight and algae growth
  • Retaining heat
  • Reducing evaporation by almost 98%
  • Completely blocking UV rays
  • Keeping out leaves and debris
  • Easy use and removal

Winter Pool Covers

If you’re looking for a year-round solution, winter pool covers could be what you need. We consider these cheap pool covers because they help keep winter winds at bay and prevent low temperatures from causing frost damage to your pool – saving you more in the long run. Their benefits even go beyond the winter months with features including:

  • Lightweight material for easier installation and use
  • Special fabric that reduces water evaporation and reduces evaporation
  • Keeping out leaves, dirt, and debris
  • Money-saving manufacturing that reduces algae growth and cleaning costs

Talk To An Expert

The perfect cover can save you time, money, and stress. With All-Safe’s cheap pool covers, you can choose a cheap swimming pool cover that fits your needs and doesn’t sacrifice the high-quality reliability your family deserves. Call your local All-Safe dealer today so we can help you find the perfect pool cover at the best price.

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