5 Types of Cheap Pool Covers for Your Home

Installed black swimming pool cover

Cheap pool covers can help you conserve energy, make maintenance and upkeep easier, and even save lives. A cheap swimming pool cover doesn’t have to mean cut-rate options that are billed as “bargains” but turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth. You can get the perfect cover to protect your pool, preserve its beauty, and help create a safer pool area with the help of the experts at All-Safe Pool.

Why You Need A Cover For Your Pool

Your pool has to endure all types of seasons and weather, and its cover helps maintain the health of your pool and the water in it. During summer, a pool cover helps keep out debris and leaves, as well as evaporation. When winter hits, you can relax indoors knowing that your pool cover will protect your backyard beauty when it’s not in use. The peace of mind of protecting your family’s health and your investment make the right pool cover a cheap “insurance policy” you can’t afford to be without.

The Five Factors In Finding The Right Pool Cover For You

  • Appearance – While some may consider it a  less important consideration, you still want your pool to look good, whether you’re swimming, sunning poolside, or just enjoying your morning coffee on the deck. 
  • Safety – Any cheap swimming pool cover you choose should be safe to operate, but some covers go beyond that. Safety swimming pool covers can support the weight of a child, pet, or even an adult who might not be able to save themselves if they fell into the pool unexpectedly, providing a physical barrier between them and tragedy.
  • Protection From Debris – Leaves, sticks, dust, and trash can all blow into your pool and leave the water looking worse for wear. Beyond that, physical debris can create hazards while trying to use your pool, and microorganisms can easily be carried by detritus, potentially infecting your pool’s water.
  • Protection From Elements – Blistering sun, biting frost, and high winds all present dangers to your pool that it will face through the course of a year. Even cheap pool covers can still provide protection from these elements, with some harnessing them to help heat your pool during the cooler months, reducing your cost of maintaining your backyard oasis year-round.
  • Price – While the peace of mind that comes with having the right pool cover is priceless, the cover itself isn’t. Finding the best cheap swimming pool cover for your pool means balancing the protection you want with the realities of your budget. Fortunately, a trained pool cover professional can help you understand your options and the best way to get the most for your money.

The Best Cheap Pool Covers

backyard pool with an installed mesh pool cover

Mesh Pool Covers – Mesh pool covers, also referred to as safety swimming pool covers, are made from a durable mesh weave that can help prevent unauthorized or unsupervised access to your swimming pool. Custom-made for your pool, they last for years and effectively keep out debris. 

oval shaped swimming pool with an installed pool leaf cover

Leaf Covers – Leaf pool covers are exactly what they sound like. While they will not support weight or prevent accidental drowning injuries, they will prevent detritus from entering the water, keeping your pool cleaner and reducing the upkeep needed. This cover is best paired with a swimming pool safety fence, but they can be the perfect cheap pool covers if safety enhancement isn’t a consideration

woman pulling out a bubble cover over a swimming pool

Evaporation Covers – Evaporation covers like solar rings or bubble covers aren’t designed to support weight or prevent the entry of debris, rather they help save some money by reducing evaporation on your pool’s surface. Like leaf covers, they should only be used when another safety barrier, such as a removable mesh fence, is in use.

installed winter pool cover on a backyard swimming pool

Winter Pool Covers – Similar to the regular mesh swimming pool covers, winter covers can support the additional weight of a person or light snow accumulation. The thicker material, however, helps prevent frost damage to your pool by insulating it from the worst of the cold. 

man walking on an installed pool safety net

Safety Nets – While not a swimming pool cover, nets may provide a cheaper safety alternative. Swimming pool safety nets will not prevent evaporation or the entry of potential contaminants into a pool, but they can help keep pets and unsupervised swimmers out of the water.

custom automatic pool cover installed on a backyard swimming pool

Automatic Pool Covers – While some might not consider them to be cheap pool covers, the convenience they add along with the additional safety and protection more than makeup for the expense involved. With Automatic pool covers, a powerful electric motor moves the mesh swimming pool cover fabric over your pool’s surface, guided by rails along your pool’s edge, to open or close your pool as needed. These systems prevent evaporation, debris entry, and can reduce the risk of accidental drowning injuries with the flip of a switch.

Talk To An Expert

The perfect cover can save you time, money, and stress, and a trained All-Safe Pool installer can help you understand your pool area’s options. They’ll schedule a time to visit your property, take measurements, and offer a free quote on cheap pool covers that fit your needs and budget without sacrificing quality and safety. Get the peace of mind that comes with having the right protection for your investment from All-Safe Pool today.

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