Which Pool Covers Are Best At Saving Water?



Which Covers Are Best At Slowing Pool Water Evaporation?

Have you ever wondered just how effective a pool cover is in reducing water-related costs? Ideally, the best pool covers offer cost-saving features that can benefit any pool owner. Here we take a look at the efficacy of the best pool covers in saving water by slowing down evaporation from pools.

Pools with low evaporation are more cost and energy efficient, requiring less work from the heater to keep them at the right temperature. The waterproof automatic covers most effective at slowing evaporation carry the added benefit of blocking sunlight. Sunlight breaks down chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals, as well as aiding the growth of algae. A pool that’s covered will need less chemistry to keep balanced.

The Pool Water Evaporation Study

Our information is based on a study undertaken by the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University in conjunction with other stakeholders like The National Plasterers Council. The study strives to compare the water savings that would result from the adoption of different pool covers.

Gathering Accurate Data With The Best Pool Covers

Many pool owners do not make use of pool covers in California. However, given frequent droughts in most parts of the state and their impact on scarce resources like water, investing in a waterproof pool cover is a good idea. When pool owners understand the impact of pool water evaporation, they can make informed choices that benefit their environment and community.

Automatic pool cover are the best pool covers
Automatic covers are the best to help prevent pool evaporation.

At present, pool industry experts make rough estimates of the water savings attributable to pool covers. Water savings tend to vary based on the type of pool cover in use, which further complicates matters. Such uncertainty may undermine the pool owner’s understanding of the impact of pool covers in minimizing water loss. Consequently, by providing hard facts and exact figures, the study will shed light on the role of the best pool covers in water conservation so that pool owners can make accurate and informed choices.

How The Study Is Being Conducted

The study is being conducted in eight separate pools enclosed by different pool covers. The researchers will be measuring pool water evaporation by evaluating the changes in water levels while factoring various aspects like wind, humidity or rainfall. The pools will feature calibrated rulers that will provide comparisons of the changes in water levels in each pool during the study. The study is slated to run throughout July and August, with results due a few weeks upon the completion of the study. It is expected that the conclusions derived from the comparative study will emphasize the relevance of the best pool covers as a water-saving addition to a pool.

The Relevance Of The Pool Cover Study

When individual water savings from a pool are combined with savings from other pools across the state, it could translate into millions of gallons of water saved. This would have a cumulative effect on the state’s attempts to preserve this valuable resource. It appears that the best pool covers may only seem like simple tools for minimizing pool evaporation, but their collective impact in saving water cannot be understated.

This study is expected to provide an accurate and informative guide to industry professionals and pool owners on the role of various pool covers in water conservation. Based on exact figures, pool owners can invest in the right pool covers as they would be more informed and certain of the expected gains they can make from their investment.

The Bottom Line

Using the right types of pool covers has clear benefits for pool owners and their communities. Contact your local All-Safe dealer for a free on-site consultation and estimate on a cover to help you slow pool water evaporation. Consult an expert today!

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