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Solar Pool Covers

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4 Benefits Of Using Solar Pool Covers

There are different types of pool covers, with some offering safety and others offering other practical benefits. Solar Pool Covers are designed to help extend the swimming season while increasing water temperature, preventing evaporation, and helping save on your pool supplies. It will trap the warmth in the water stored during the day. The following guide explains the different ways in which this pool cover benefits you.

What is a Solar Pool Cover?

Solar covers are similar to bubble wraps in their look. Typically, Solar Pool Covers are made from polymer or resin, and the role of the bubbles is to capture the heat from the pool water. You can find them in a wide range of shapes and sizes so that you can always find a fitting cover for your pool.

If you have a rectangular pool, the cover’s reel will make it easy to put on and remove the cover daily. The reel can be attached to any side of the deck. You can unroll the cover and place them on the pool or they can be rolled up when you want to enter the water.

Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

There are so many benefits of using solar covers for your pool.

1. Increasing Water Temperature

The primary benefit of using Solar Pool Covers is that they help in heating up the water in your pool. They work by capturing heat from the sun by trapping heat within the bubbles. The heat is then transferred to the water. Typically, these pool covers can help in raising water temperatures by anything in the range 10°F to 15°F based on factors like:

  • Number of hours of sunlight and intensity
  • Color of the solar cover
  • Bubble shape of the solar cover

2. Saving on Energy Costs

A solar cover will help heat your pool without the need for spending anything for the energy. This also makes it an environment-friendly option. The alternative is to use heaters that will cost you in terms of electricity or gas. When you use solar power for heating your pool, it helps in saving the money spent on these non-renewable sources of energy. If you get ample amount of sunlight, you may not have to use any other alternative but the Solar Pool Covers.

3. Save Water

A solar cover helps in reducing evaporation, thus minimizing the amount of water lost from the pool. Thus, you will not have to replace as much water, which means you save more water. According to studies, using pool covers can help in reducing the amount of make-up water required by as much as 50% during the swimming season.

4. Save More Chemicals

Loss of water due to evaporation also reduces pool chemicals. So you will have to constantly replace the chemicals along with water to ensure the perfect balance. But the use of Solar Pool Covers can not just help reduce water evaporation, it can also help reduce loss of chemicals. Thus, you will be able to save more pool chemicals, and reduce costs.

Solar Pool Covers

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