Top 3 Reasons to Install a Pool Fence in Miami

toddler standing in front of an installed pool safety fence

Adding a pool fence in Miami creates a safer swimming pool area for your friends, family, and pets. Pool fences provide much-needed barriers that help deter unsupervised access to your swimming pool and prevent accidental drownings. AN average of ten lives are lost to drowning injuries daily, and many more victims seek medical care for injuries that happen in or around swimming pools. One of your primary responsibilities as a Miami pool owner is ensuring your pool fence installation secures your pool area when you aren’t around.

Why You Need A Miami Pool Fence

Black removable pool fence installed in a Miami, FL home
Black removable pool fence installed in a Miami, FL home

Every pool owner and every pool is unique. There are different uses for the pool, layouts of the pool area, and goals for what the pool should be in the eyes of the property owner, but one thing that doesn’t change is the need for professional pool fence installation in Miami. Your pool fence helps you do your part as a responsible pool owner for three key reasons. 

  • Protect Your Loved Ones – A lack of pool safety barriers has been cited as a contributing factor in the majority of accidental drownings. Pool fences save lives. Your Miami pool fence can help keep children, the elderly, and other individuals at an elevated drowning risk from having unsupervised access to your pool.
  • Protect Your Pool – Your pool fence will also help keep debris and wildlife out of your swimming pool. This keeps your water cleaner, lowering your cost of chemicals and the time and effort needed to maintain your backyard oasis.
  • Protect Your Investment – You’ve put a lot of money into building your dream home, complete with a swimming pool that lets you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Part of protecting that investment is reducing your liability risk in the event an injury occurs on your property. That’s why many insurance carriers require you to install safety barriers on or around your pool area.

Safer Florida Swimming Pools

Miami, like much of Florida, is known for fun in the sun, and your backyard pool is the perfect way to experience it in the comfort of your own property. Miami pool fences are required to meet the standards set by The Board and Code Administrative Division of Miami-Dade County, which are based on Florida’s water safety laws. These uniform guidelines set a minimum standard of protection, but it’s important to know that other entities, such as an HOA or insurance carrier, may require protection that goes beyond the County guidelines. Before starting any work, reach out to these organizations and ensure you understand your responsibilities under any binding contracts you have with them.

Florida’s building code for swimming pools is a lengthy document. It can also be confusing. That’s why so many pool owners choose to work with a professional Miami pool fence installer who has experience working with the rules and regulations of the state of Florida and knows what inspectors are looking for when approving pool fencing. 

  • Sufficient Height To Deter Climbing – Pool fencing must be at least 48” high, measured from the ground outside the enclosure to the top of your fence line. This makes it harder for small children to gain access to the pool area.
  • Properly Positioned – Removable mesh pool fencing should be far enough back from the water’s edge that if a child or elderly person does make it past the fence, they don’t immediately end up falling into the swimming pool. The bottom of the fence can’t be more than 1” from the ground and shouldn’t be able to be lifted high enough to allow a 4” sphere to pass underneath it.
  • Properly Anchored – During your Miami pool fence installation, diamond-tipped drill bits will be used to sink anchoring holes for the poles around the pool area, then color-coordinated sleeves will be installed. These holes allow the poles to be anchored at least three inches into the ground.
  • Strong And In Good Repair – Your poles must be able to resist 52 pounds of horizontal pressure, and the mesh fabric of the fence should have a tensile strength of 100 pounds per foot. The mesh openings must be small enough to prevent the passage of a ¼” sphere through the material.
  • Secure Gate – Miami pool fences require more than a simple gate hook. They need to be self-closing and self-latching, with the latch at least 45” from the ground. This prevents a gate from being left ajar, allowing children easy, unsupervised entry.
  • No Large Gaps – Whether it’s around the poles or the gate, no gap in your pool fence can be large enough to allow a 4” sphere to pass through. This provision helps keep even small children and pets at bay.

Your Miami Pool Fence Installation Pro

Black mesh pool fence for irregular shaped pool
Black mesh pool fence for irregular shaped pool

All-Safe Miami is your local contractor when you want to protect your Miami pool with a fence, net, or cover. Living and working in the Miami-Dade County area, they’re passionate about protecting their neighbors from the tragedy of accidental drowning. While Florida’s weather is beautiful for swimmers and pool owners, it can be rough on traditional pool fencing, which is why they’re ready to offer the most modern pool safety solutions to pool owners who are looking for easy maintenance and a long service life without compromising on safety.

  • Removable Mesh Pool FencingThis state-of-the-art pool fencing gives you security and flexibility, important qualities for a Miami pool fence when you may use your pool for private exercise one day and a large summer pool party the next. This ASTM-compliant fencing meets or exceeds the standards laid out by Florida building codes but can be removed in minutes to give you more space for entertaining. Once the party is over, reinstallation is easy and straightforward, leaving you with a safer pool area.
  • Pool Safety CoversPerfect as a second layer of protection for your pool or as an alternative to pool fencing, a pool safety cover gives you a reliable safety barrier to prevent accidental drownings. Anchored to your deck, safety covers can support the weight of a full-grown adult, holding them safely out of the water until help can arrive.
  • Swimming Pool NetsSimilar to pool safety covers, these nets prevent accidental drownings and are popular choices for additional swimming pool protection. Secured with strong anchors and tensioned with springs, safety nets block access to the pool’s surface. Children and pets have trouble walking on the knotted cords, preventing them from getting too far from the pool’s edge so they can be helped to safety.

The First Step To Miami Pool Fence Installation

If you want to protect your Miami swimming pool, it starts with a free estimate from your local safety pros at All-Safe Miami. THey’ll talk to you about your pool needs, take measurements, and design a pool safety plan that gives you peace of mind while also protecting your pool’s visual appeal. Your written estimate will lay out your Miami pool fence and cover options, as well as how cost-effective a safer pool can be. Protect your loved ones and request a free quote from your local All-Safe Pool installer today.

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