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Why Choose An All-Safe Swimming Pool Child Safety Net?

The product quality and service standards of All-Safe manufacturing and local installation partners stand head-and-shoulders above other pool safety net and fence companies.

  • Our installers offer the highest quality service in the industry. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and 5-star ratings on Google, Angie’s List, and Yelp.
  • All-Safe has been installing pool safety equipment for over 25 years. All-Safe uses ASTM compliant materials. Components are independently tested for strength and certified by an ASTM laboratory. All-Safe pool child safety nets are verified to hold 485 pounds of weight, that of a child and two adults.
  • We use only the absolute highest quality installation processes, materials, and components.

What Makes All-Safe Pool Safety Nets Different?

All-Safe is the only company to offer the following on our pool safety nets:

  • We only install 5mm polyethylene netting. Many other companies offer 4mm or 3.5 mm netting. 5mm nets are made with 50% more material and are 30% stronger.
  • As far as we know, All-Safe is the only company that offers 4 colors of pool safety net to better match your pool area.
  • Our proprietary Titan Tool® is the most effective way to apply tension to a pool safety net. Available in small and large sizes, the Titan Tool® is easy to use and makes it much easier to install or remove your pool’s child safety net.
  • The Round Loop Tool® can be used in some installations as an alternative to the Titan Tool® for applying tension and fixing tension issues. The tool can help prevent lock-off, which is where the shape of the pool will not allow tension to release. Many companies would make you add extra force to take off the safety net for your pool, but All-Safe makes it easy.

All-Safe takes pride in delivering tangible differences, not unproven claims, gimmicks, or “talking points”. Our products are engineered to be the best, and our installers have an average 7 years of experience installing Swimming pool child safety nets, fences, and covers.

Contact your local dealer to schedule a free consultation and estimate at your home. You’ll quickly learn why our customers love us.

How Much Does a Pool Safety Net Cost?

Each pool safety net is unique, requiring different mounting points, configurations, and tensioning tools. It typically costs $1,5000 – $2,500 to install a pool safety net on an average-sized pool. For smaller installations, such as a spa, the price can be $600 – $1000. These prices include installation and materials. The cost can vary depending on size, anchors required, and style of anchor needed.

What Colors of Pool Child Safety Net Are There?

All-Safe pool safety nets come in multiple colors including tan, dark brown, black, and blue to best match your pool area.

How Do I Buy An All-Safe Pool Safety Net?

Getting a pool safety net is simple. Start by using the form above to find your local pool safety net installer. Your dealer will walk you through the entire process during a free consultation and estimate. Helping you decide on the best pool safety device, the best color, and answering any questions you may have. Contact your local dealer today to secure a superior safety net for your pool.

Find a Local Installer

Enter your zip code to locate an independent installer in your area