How Much Does A Removable Mesh Pool Fence Cost?

After investing in a swimming pool for your home, the next critical step involves securing the area. This often means installing a pool fence. For many people, the removable mesh pool fence cost is an excellent choice due to its versatility, durability, and cost.

Let’s take a closer look at the cost of installing a removable mesh pool fence:

How much does a removable mesh pool fence cost?

A mesh pool fence cost can vary depending on landscape factors, additional gates, pool size, etc. To determine the specific cost for your home and pool area, talk to your local All-Safe dealer. They can provide a free and accurate on-site estimate. The cost will depend on the size and layout of your pool, among other factors.

What does the installation process involve?

Depending on your personalized fencing plan, a pool fence contractor will drill holes on the pool deck and insert sleeves, which hold metallic poles that keep the removable pool fence secure. The installer will then customize your fence to suit your needs. For instance, they may install angled raised panels to deter children from climbing over it. Once in place, the contractor will show you how to easily install or remove the fence.

A complex pool area with elevation changes or other water features may affect your mesh pool fence cost. Generally, it only takes one day to complete the process, but depending on the intricacy of the project it can take up to two or more.

What material is the pool fence made of?

Mesh pool fences made by All-Safe and other reputable companies are made of aircraft-grade aluminum poles and woven mesh fabric. All-Safe poles are independently tested for strength and durability to ensure they adhere to industry standards and the mesh fabric is nearly impossible to tear and very difficult for kids to climb.

The materials in a removable mesh pool fence are light so installation and removal are easy. You never need to worry about dealing with heavy, cumbersome poles or hard-to-handle mesh material when you need to remove the fence for an outdoor family function. Built to last, a removable mesh pool fence withstands years of use, which in turn provides great value and returns on your initial investment.

Is the size of the area the only price factor?

The mesh pool fence cost depends on various factors, linear footage being just one of them. The fence’s height, number of gates, types of gates, the type of pool deck, and the pool’s layout are also considerations.

What about DIY pool fence installation?

Some people may prefer installing the pool fence on their own. While DIY installation kits are available online to help do so, it’s strongly recommended to hire professional installers to do the job. Pool fence installation is an intricate process that requires specialized skills that technically experienced pool fence installers have. Without a professional, there is no guarantee you will have a strong and sturdy structure. It’s also important to use a pool fence from a trusted manufacturer to ensure the longevity of your removable mesh pool fence.

Talk to an Expert

How much your mesh pool fence costs and it’s durability will also depend on the manufacturer. The high-quality materials used by All-Safe provide quality safety for your children. Start by consulting a local dealer in your area. They can give you an accurate on-site estimate of your mesh pool fence cost, as well as help you find the best pool fence for your family.

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