Benefits of a Pool Leaf Cover

Installed pool leaf cover on a backyard irregular shaped pool

If you have a swimming pool, the benefits of a pool cover will make owning and maintaining your swimming area easier. You put a pot of effort into perfecting your pool’s layout, safety features, and even the chemistry of the water you will be swimming in. A pool leaf cover helps you protect that hard work while enhancing the pool experience. With several pool cover options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine the best course of action, but for many owners, a lightweight pool leaf cover is the best choice for their family’s needs.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers Vs. Leaf Covers

The benefits of your pool cover all depend on how it’s designed, and two of the most popular choices are swimming pool safety covers and swimming pool leaf covers. The primary consideration for a safety cover is that it creates an effective barrier between the water and a person or animal that should not have unsupervised access to the pool. While they also fulfill many of the same functions as a pool leaf cover, pool leaf covers are purposefully designed and tailored to work with your specific pool to prevent the entrance of lightweight debris. Safety covers are a great choice if there is an increased risk of accidental drowning otherwise, such as if a property’s layout prevents the use of a pool safety fence or another safety barrier.

What a Pool Leaf Cover Is

Engineered from a tightly woven polyethylene mesh, pool leaf covers allow for the exchange of gasses from your pool’s surface and clean rainwater to filter through the material while preventing debris from entering the water. The cover is anchored to points in your deck to create a tight fit. Each leaf cover is tailored exactly to fit the installed anchor points for a tighter fit that maximizes the benefits of a pool cover. Unlike “off the shelf” covers, which are no different than common tarps you’d find in a hardware store, a true pool leaf cover is purposefully built to be an integral part of your swimming pool area, keeping it at the top of the list for most popular pool cover options.

The Benefits Of A Pool Cover

pool net & leaf cover installed on a residential swimming pool

Each pool and pool owner are unique and bring their own considerations and priorities to the task of finding the perfect pool cover for any situation. For many owners who choose a pool leaf cover, it comes down to the key benefits it offers:

  • A pool leaf cover keeps your water cleaner and better protected. – While called a leaf cover, it also serves as a dirt, dust, pollen, and gravel cover. As winds ramp up, any number of potential contaminants can become airborne and find themselves deposited in uncovered pools. While some are purely physical in nature, others pose the risk of bacterial contamination. While your cover will prevent these small pollutants from entering the water, gasses are allowed to pass freely, preventing a buildup between the surface of the water and your cover, thereby keeping your water’s chemistry better balanced.
  • A properly anchored cover can protect against light debris. – Beyond small contaminants, a pool cover can also prevent other lightweight objects, like plastic deck chairs, cardboard, or trash from entering your pool. This protects your pool’s beauty while once again stopping potential carriers of bacterial contaminants from reaching the water.
  • A pool cover paired with a safety net gives you increased safety. – A pool cover installed on top of a swimming pool safety net offers you both protection from debris and helps prevent accidental drowning injuries, which cause thousands of deaths every year and tens of thousands of hospital visits. Swimming pool safety nets are strong and provide a physical barrier to water entry from larger, heavier objects, like people or pets, while a cover on top still prevents smaller contaminants that might slip through a net’s mesh.
  • A pool leaf cover gives your pool a finished and refined appearance. – One of the prime benefits of a custom pool cover over one-size-fits-most pool cover options is the neatness and elegance it gives your pool when not in use. Cut to a perfect fit and installed with expertly placed anchors, a pool leaf cover leaves a tidy appearance that accentuates rather than hides your pool’s appearance.
  • Pool leaf covers are lightweight and easy to use. – A major benefit of pool covers for many users, especially those who are older or find other covers too unwieldy, is the lightweight and ease of use that comes with a custom polyethylene leaf cover. Once unanchored, it rolls up easily for storage and is just as easy to re-secure once you’re done swimming for the day.

Is a Pool Leaf Cover The Best Choice For Your Pool?

While the benefits of a pool leaf cover are undeniable, you need to consider all your pool cover options before making a final decision. Safety must come first with swimming pool ownership, so make sure that you have a barrier system, whether it be a swimming pool safety cover, net, or removable fence. Once your safety plan is firmly in place, you can set your sights on a pool leaf cover built to match your pool area and style.

If you still aren’t sure, contact the experts. Our swimming pool safety specialists will set an appointment for a free inspection of your pool area and talk to you about which pool covers might be right for your needs as well as offer you a free estimate so you can make an informed decision. Give your family, friends, and pets a swimming area you can be proud of with All-Safe Pool today.

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