A Guide to Installing & Using Removable Pool Safety Fence



A Guide to Installing & Using a Removable Pool Safety Fence

A removable pool safety fence can be the perfect option for you to prevent kids, pets and unwanted visitors from getting near or into the pool. But before you choose installation, there are many points to be kept in mind. The following guide will make it easier for you to choose, install and use a removable pool safety fence.

Installing Removable Pool Fencing

You can find many professional installation services that can help complete the installation within a day. However, most types of removable fences can be installed by you, especially if you have some experience with DIY projects. You can purchase all the fencing, poles, and other fixtures. The tools required are masonry bit, hammer drill, and a measuring tape.

Materials Required

Wire mesh fence is the most commonly used type of removable pool safety fence. This type of fencing is also available with vinyl or UV-resistant powder coating. The fence should have a minimum height of 4 feet, but you can choose them to be as high as 6 feet. Non-corrosive type of aluminum is the popular material option, and light steel or aluminum posts are used to string the mesh.
When it comes to gates, they are available as pre-built units that can be fixed into the removable pool safety fence. Make sure to check the local building codes to ensure that the type of addition to your pool is permitted. You may have to apply for a permit before starting your DIY project.

Using Removable Pool Fencing

In many states, it is required under local laws to have your pool fenced. Despite what the law may say, you should protect your young kids and pets from entering the water. Installing a removable pool safety fence can also help in preventing other animals and critters from entering your pool and contaminating it.
Removable pool safety fences are ideal for most homeowners. You can keep them installed most of the time but put them aside when you want to have a great time around the pool with family and friends. If you love to throw poolside parties, it doesn’t make much sense to install permanent pool fences.

Maintaining Your Removable Pool Fence

If you choose a removable pool safety fence with UV-protective coating, the fencing will require a minimal amount of maintenance. All that is required is to clean it with water occasionally. The paint can last for years before it needs a re-coat.

One of the main advantages of using a removable pool safety fence which can be removed and kept away in the winters when

your pool is usually frozen. Thus, you can protect the fence from getting deteriorated and prolong its lifespan.

Thus, installing a removable pool fence is not only reasonable from a practical perspective, but it is also easier. It can also save you time and money. And if in future you have to learn how to remove a pool fence, you will not have to worry about the costs and the damage it can do to your pool area.

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