A Guide to Installing & Using Removable Pool Safety Fence

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Removable pool safety fencing is an increasingly popular choice for protecting your family, friends, and pets while maintaining a pool area that is still beautiful and functional. Far different than a regular property fence, pool fencing is a safety feature, often required by law, building code, or homeowners associations, is designed to prevent accidental entry into the water by a person or pet who may not be able to save themselves. When it comes to pool fence installation, you have options, and those options directly impact your cost and safety.

The Specifics Of Removable Pool Safety Fence

Safety fencing is designed to resist climbing, tearing, or access through gaps in poles and gates. Using strong poles and a tough mesh fencing material with gaps too small to easily fit through, its protection is perfect for keeping out determined children and curious pets as well as an adult who has lost their balance or tripped. The poles of the fence are anchored in the deck or ground but can be pulled up when supervision is available and a larger pool area is needed for a summer-time pool party. 

Safety Fence Installation

Many pool owners choose a professional service to install their swimming pool safety fence. This ensures it is designed specifically for their pool area by professionals who are experienced in creating safe, eye-catching areas. Other homeowners, however, choose to do their own safety fencing. If you are familiar with the use of tools and ready to put in the work, you can build a swimming pool safety fence that keeps your pool safer while saving you money.

Common Parts For Pool Fence Installation

  • Poles And Mesh – The fence itself comes with the mesh already installed on your fencing poles. Safety fence poles are designed with a cross-section that has supports to protect the pole from bending due to wind or pressure, wherever direction it comes from. This design eliminates gaps that are commonly found in some other fencing types.
  • Gates – Your gate panel needs to be as sturdy as the rest of the fence. This means a tight fit that minimizes gaps, is hung properly to prevent it from dragging on the ground, potentially damaging your equipment, and is kept in good repair.
  • Latches – The latch on your gate is an important decision. While a simple latch may just keep a gate shut, some locations may require self-closing and self-locking features to help prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Alarms – No one can be vigilant at all times, and an alarm can help alert you when someone accesses your pool when it’s supposed to be closed. Usually attached to the gate, if opened without being disarmed, an audible sound lets you know an unsafe situation may be happening.
  • Sleeves – Sleeves line the anchoring holes for your fence poles to keep the fit tight and prevent damage to the surface they’re anchored to. Quality sleeves also help provide an appealing finished look to your installation.
  • Plugs – One of the perks of a removable pool safety fence is the ability to move it out of the way for larger gatherings or more activity space. Plugs fit neatly into the sleeves to cover the holes left when poles are removed.

Getting Started With Pool Fence Installation

Every pool area is different, but there are some general guidelines to follow whenever you’re taking on a home improvement DIY job. If you run into any trouble or have any questions, remember that it is often cheaper in the long run to consult a professional first to avoid repairs later.

  • Check Your Permits And Requirements – This should be your very first step when considering a removable pool safety fence. Find out the requirements for pool fencing that you need to meet and establish whether you need a permit from your city in order to perform this home improvement.
  • Measure Twice, Order And Drill Once – When tackling a home safety project, precision is key. You want exact measurements to ensure you get the right fencing components you need for a strong, gap-free fence. As you set the holes for the sleeves and poles, proper measurement is crucial to keeping the mesh material taut and strong.
  • Understand THe Job At Hand And How To Do It – Make sure you understand the tools and techniques you’ll be using for pool fence installation before you begin. While installing your removable pool safety fence is easily accomplished by many pool owners every year, a familiarity with the tools involved and their proper usage is important for safety during the project and the long-term safety of your pool area.

Using Your Removable Pool Fence

toddler boy leaning against a pool fence next to a red ball

Once installed, your fence is easy to use as your own needs dictate. A good general rule of thumb is that if there is water in the pool and a responsible adult is not going to be able to provide direct supervision, then your removable pool safety fence should be in place and secured. This means before a get-together begins it can be removed and put back up after the festivities are over, which still gives you the extra space needed for full enjoyment of the pool area by your friends, family, and other guests. Some owners even choose to empty their pools in winter and leave the fencing down to extend its service life. As long as you’re being safe, the choice is yours.

Build The Safety Fence You Need

We’re proud to offer top-quality pool fence installation parts and equipment. Using the same materials found in our professionally installed removable pool safety fences, you can create a custom safety solution for your pool area. Contact us today or order your parts online from All-Safe Pool.

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