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What is a “One-Time” Rental?

Note: Available For Rental Only and Only Available in Southern California.

The All-Safe® “One-Time” Rental is offered exclusively in Southern California at this time. Currently, the areas we serve include Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and parts of San Diego and Santa Barbara counties. Each of these areas are served from the All-Safe facilities in Orange, California. Each cover is designed and built to the unique style of your pool and to accommodate the needs of your special event so be sure to allow adequate time when reserving your rental dates.

All-Safe® hard or platform pool covers turn your swimming pool into a dance floor! Rent an All-Safe® hard pool cover, an over-pool flooring system, for your swimming pool for your next party or event, and create functional space over your pool. All-Safe® can help turn virtually any swimming pool into functional space with our platform pool cover. It’s ideal for the creation of extra event space over the swimming pool during private parties, weddings, fashion shows, and special occasions. Eliminate the stress of using an outside venue and celebrate your wedding right in your own home.

Why a All-Safe® “One-Time” Rental?

  • Great for weddings, parties, graduations… any special occasion.
  • Creates a dramatic and spacious setting.
  • Wonderful ambiance and mood setting element.
  • Unique solution to space problems.
  • Impress and wow guests with ability to walk and dance on swimming pool.
  • Adds unique remembrance to a party.
  • Well worth the investment. Saves the cost of a venue.
  • Host function in one’s own home.
  • Reduce restrictions on dates and times.

Utilizing an All-Safe® ”One-Time” Rental is well worth the investment when you consider the cost to rent a venue versus hosting your special occasion at home. This also eliminates the restrictions on dates and times associated with renting a venue. At All-Safe®, we will determine your needs and propose the platform pool cover system that is right for you. We offer different pool coverings for a variety of situations including acrylic and non-acrylic over-pool covering systems.

Our “One-Time” Rental will temporarily transform your swimming pool into a fabulous dance floor that all of your guests will enjoy. Your next special occasion will be the talk of the town! Watch a customer testimonial to learn more benefits of using an All-Safe® “One-Time” Rental.

Customer Testimonials