U-Safe Pool Fence Gate Kit

The U-Safe Gate System by All Safe is the ultimate DIY pool safety solution, featuring pre-installed hinges and latch for effortless installation. Its U-shaped exoframe ensures stability and proper latch adjustment, making it perfect for wood decks, artificial turf, and dirt areas. Exclusively designed for use with Classic Peg Style Fence and Components, the U-Safe Gate includes adjustable pegs for precise fitting. No additional parts are needed—it’s that easy!


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Part #: USAFE-4P


The U-Safe Gate is All Safe’s latest innovation in the pool safety industry, designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind. It’s the easiest gate to install, arriving with pre-installed hinges and a latch, significantly simplifying the process.

Featuring a U-shaped exoframe, the U-Safe Gate is less susceptible to varying fence tension, ensuring proper latch adjustment. This makes it ideal for both DIY installers and professionals. It can be installed easily in challenging areas like wood decks, artificial turf, and dirt with minimal effort.

Exclusively available in Peg, the U-Safe Gate is designed to be used with All Safe’s Classic Peg Style Fence and Components. The Peg Shifter allows the pegs to be adjusted up to ¼ inch, offering additional flexibility.

Installation is straightforward, requiring only two ⅝” holes drilled at 33” plumb. Even if the drill bit deviates slightly, the removable and adjustable pegs allow for corrections of up to ⅛” to the right or left, accommodating a total adjustment of up to ¼ inch.

Parts Needed:

The U-Safe Gate System comes complete right out of the box. No additional parts are needed.

Yes, it’s that easy!

Color & Style Details:

Height:  4-Foot 

Pole Style: Peg 

Paint Color: Classic Black 

Mesh Style:  Malibu Black Mesh (10×10)

Installation Instructions

  1. Position the Box: Place the box near the pre-drilled holes for the gate.
  2. Prepare the Gate: Notice that the hinges and latch are already installed, streamlining the setup.
  3. Set Aside Peg Shifter Inserts: Pull up the plastic wrap about a foot and set the Peg Shifter inserts aside.
  4. Insert Peg Shifters: Slide the Peg Shifter inserts into each side of the U-Safe Gate frame bottom, aligning the holes in the peg shifter with those in the gate frame. Do not secure them yet.
  5. Align the Gate: Line up one side with the stainless peg directly over the sleeve. Check the alignment on the other side. If the holes do not line up, the gate will bind and not slide into the sleeves properly.
  6. Adjust the Peg Shifter: If needed, remove the Peg Shifter and the shim. Rotate the Peg Shifter 180 degrees to the notch side, snap the shim back on, and reinsert the Peg Shifter with the peg shifted in the required direction for proper alignment.
  7. Secure the Peg Shifters: Align the holes in the side of the gate frame with the holes in the Peg Shifter. Insert the black fastener with two black washers and screw them in. If needed, adjust both sides to achieve up to ¼ inch of overall adjustment.
  8. Install the Gate: Slide the gate into the sleeves.
  9. Remove Plastic Wrap: Remove the plastic wrap from the U-Safe Gate.
  10. Adjust the Latch: The latch is attached upside down for shipping. Cut off the parts bag and detach the TriLatch by pushing the red button, pulling the knob, and sliding it off its mount. Using a drill with a #2 Phillips bit, unscrew the bottom screw in the bottom mounting bracket attached to the frame. Slide the TriLatch back on the gate from the top and secure it with the extra-long black screw from the parts bag. Insert the black plug from the parts bag into the hole to cover the screw.

For a more detailed explanation of the installation process, please view our YouTube video or download our Quick Guide Installation Instructions.

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To accurately determine the amount of fencing required for your project, first calculate the total perimeter that needs to be enclosed. Once you have this measurement in feet, consult the chart provided below for guidance. Each section of our fence spans 15 feet, so dividing your total perimeter by 15 will give you the number of sections needed.

If your plan includes the installation of a Self-Closing Gate, remember that each gate occupies a space of 3 feet. Therefore, you should subtract 3 feet from the total fencing length to accommodate the gate. This adjustment ensures that you purchase the correct amount of fencing material, avoiding unnecessary expenses and ensuring a seamless installation.

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